will-i-am-smartwatchWhen Will.I.Am is not spinning groovy music, he is bustling operative inside tech labs or so it seems. The general song artist’s latest plan is a smartwatch that does not need a phone to work and can even make calls.

Will.I.Am demonstrated his smartwatch during an coming on UK TV uncover Allan Carr: Chatty Man. He claims that it is totally his product and he has spent his possess income on building it. The device has a touchscreen arrangement and Will.I.Am proceeded to what seemed like he was dialling a series to make a call.

will-i-am-smartwatch-2He claims a smartwatch is good adequate to make calls and users will also be means to check their Twitter and Facebook profiles from it. He even played one of his marks on it and suggested it can span with Bluetooth headsets.

It is a confidant gamble for Will.I.Am deliberation even companies like Samsung and Sony have struggled to sell their smartwatches. He did not exhibit what height his smartwatch works on though did exhibit it would be accessible in July. Though it seems doubtful that it is operative on Android Wear, Google’s new height for smartwatches.

Check out a video next where Will.I.Am is display off his smartwatch. It is flattering cool.

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