AirFly gets a name from Twelve South’s primary aim marketplace — those who wish to be means to use their Apple AirPods when drifting — and sports a pattern to match. However, in existence AirFly works with any wireless Bluetooth headphones, and can lift audio from anything with a 3.5mm audio outlay jack. In fact, we can even use it with Bluetooth speakers. In a package you’ll find a AirFly section itself, that is about a distance of a matchbox, along with dual brief cables for 3.5mm audio and USB-to-micro-USB charging. A drawstring tote is also enclosed to keep it all together. Twelve South promises 8 hours of battery life on a singular charge.

Twelve South provides specific instructions for pairing AirPods with AirFly, that fundamentally only explains a customary procession of putting a AirPods in their charging box and dire and holding a symbol on a behind of a box to enter concept Bluetooth pairing mode — not surprisingly, AirFly doesn’t embody a W1 chip, so it pairs with your AirPods as a customary Bluetooth device. The pairing routine on AirFly itself is a same either you’re regulating AirPods or any other Bluetooth A2DP device, that involves holding a symbol on AirFly down for about 5 seconds until it flashes amber and afterwards watchful for it to couple up. The routine is flattering straightforward, though distinct pairing a Bluetooth device with an iPhone, you’re “flying blind” given there’s no shade to uncover we what’s happening; some third-party Bluetooth headsets compulsory that we spin off Bluetooth on other circuitously inclination such as a iPhone and Apple Watch initial in sequence to undo their other Bluetooth connections. Notably, however, a AirPods didn’t have this emanate given fixation them in a box with a lid sealed disables their tie to circuitously Apple devices.

AirFly does a good pursuit for quite listening to music, though it’s value observant that headphone controls aren’t upheld by in any way, so we won’t be means to play or postponement song playback, even if you’re listening to a device with an MFi-compatible headphone jack. Audio peculiarity from AirFly is flattering most what we approaching from a Bluetooth device, nonetheless it’s value observant that AirFly indeed does support aptX, though not AAC, so you’ll indeed mount to get improved audio peculiarity with third-party Bluetooth headphones than we will with Apple’s AirPods.

While AirFly is a bit of a niche product — it’s singular to find a unstable audio device but Bluetooth support these days — we consider it will have far-reaching interest to visit atmosphere travellers who like their AirPods or other wireless headphones, and we can consider of many other possibilities for it as well, trimming from plugging into gym apparatus to providing wireless listening capabilities for those who are still holding onto iPod classical inclination or wish to go ultra-portable with something like an iPod trifle or sixth-generation iPod nano. If you’ve invested in a good set of Bluetooth headphones that we find yourself wanting to block in, AirFly seems like an easy call for a $40 seeking price.

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