Video diversion headsets come in all shapes, sizes and cost points, that means some are improved than others during certain things. Maybe one has extraordinary audio quality, nonetheless a common microphone. Or maybe one offers a certain underline that other headsets don’t, nonetheless costs more. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 tries to take all a best facilities of high-end headsets and jam them into a pretty labelled package. It’s a eminent goal, nonetheless a formula are strike and miss.

stealth-700-pic The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 leaves most to be preferred Turtle Beach

The Stealth 700 is a singular wireless headset that doesn’t need a bottom to block in, instead joining to a console like a controller, creation set-up a breeze. The Stealth 700 has a rechargeable battery, that lasts for a decent duration of time, typically around 10 hours. If we assign adult your headset between play sessions, we shouldn’t have to worry about audio slicing out on you.

The Stealth 700 has all a flexibility of a customary Bluetooth headset. You can span it to your phone, mechanism and other devices, and a buttons on a headset yield controls for skipping to a new strain or finale a call. That creates a Stealth 700 some-more appealing than other wireless headsets that can usually be used with a console (and infrequently a PC).

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Unfortunately, a many bells and whistles of a Stealth 700 don’t have a vital impact on a altogether experience. The built-in active sound termination underline underwhelms, and it’s formidable to tell if it’s off or on. Alongside other sound cancelling headsets, like a Victrix Pro AF, this underline on a Stealth 700 becomes roughly laughable.

The Stealth 700 also facilities a Superhuman Hearing mode, pronounced to boost a critical sounds players need to hear, like rivalry gunshots or footsteps. Again, we couldn’t tell when a mode was on or off, so this seems some-more like a gimmick than anything truly useful.

The headset itself also feels inexpensive and isn’t really comfortable. Everything is done of plastic, that keeps costs and weight down, nonetheless creates me feel like we could snap a thing in dual if we wanted. The ear cups also never felt like they fit right, even after large adjustments. The microphone on a side does have a good pleasing feel when flipping it adult though, and we like how a mic arm is brief and doesn’t get in your face.

stealth-700-pic-2 The microphone arm on a Stealth 700 is good and short, and can be flipped adult when not in use Turtle Beach

Perhaps a misfortune pattern elements of a headset are a volume wheels, one any for diversion volume and discuss volume. They are built right on tip of any other, out of sight. If we try to make any discerning adjustments in a center of a game, it’s really expected you’ll finish adult relocating a wrong wheel. One circle should have been changed to a other ear cup, or during slightest distant a bit from a other.

On tip of it all, a audio—the reason because we wish any headset in a initial place—is usually fine. we wasn’t wowed by anything we listened with a Stealth 700, nonetheless it was serviceable. It’s probable to fine-tune a headset by joining it to your phone and regulating a Turtle Beach app if we wish to get hardcore with it.

With all these add-ons, flexibility and features, it is startling to see a Stealth 700 usually costs $150. That said, many of a facilities feel purposeless or don’t make that most of an impact on gameplay.

I’d suggest removing a reduction expensive, better-built span (even if it means fewer features), or a some-more costly headset that indeed excels during what it sets out to do. The Stealth 700 isn’t absolute adequate to hang with a chosen line of headsets, nonetheless is too costly to feel like a cosmetic toy.

So what do we think? Are we in a marketplace for a new gaming headset? Have we deliberate a Stealth 700 for yourself? Let us know your thoughts in a comments territory below.

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