The block pattern will not be to everyone’s taste. The ear cups completely
decorate your ears, creation we demeanour a bit like an airline commander or – surprise
warn – a hardcore gamer. The advantage is that sound termination is
excellent, and they are also unequivocally gentle to wear for prolonged periods,
since they do not press down on year ears.

The power, volume and Bluetooth controls are located on a behind of a ear
cups, creation it easy to adjust sound levels and skip marks if your iPhone
is out of reach. However, a controls take a bit of removing used to,
requiring we to press a energy symbol once to pause, twice to skip
forwards a track, and 3 times to skip back. The clicks have to be
scrupulously timed, and we can find yourself incidentally pausing a track
rather than skipping.

The sound peculiarity is unequivocally good – glorious clarity and a punchy drum if you
wish it. The headset has an inbuilt equaliser (for boosting a drum or the
treble) that is operated possibly by an app on your iPhone or by
dire a symbol on a headset.

Oddly, phone calls sound somewhat tinny, though a microphone is unequivocally sensitive
and picks adult sounds well, so a chairman on a other finish of a call won’t
know we are wearing a headset.

Turtle Beach creates a large understanding of a fact that a i30 includes voice
morphing, so we can make yourself sound like a stay drudge with a hold of
a button. I’m not unequivocally certain what we would use this for other than prank
calls, though it’s there if we wish it.

The iPhone app that comes with a headset is sincerely basic, and usually offers
controls for equalisation and voice morphing. Turtle Beach has missed a
pretence here, as a striking equaliser would have been a good addition.

The battery life seems good, with a energy turn usually dropping a tiny amount
during several hours of use. An idol during a tip of your iPhone shade shows
a battery life of a headset when it is connected, so we won’t get
held out by your headphones using out of battery.

Overall, a i30 headset has good sound quality, and some good features, but
Turtle Beach needs to confirm who a aim patron is. The pattern still
seems some-more geared towards a company’s normal gamer marketplace than the
infrequent media consumer, and it’s tough not to feel mortified wearing the
headset out and about.

There is no doubt that this is a high-quality headset, though if Turtle Beach
unequivocally wants to contest opposite a likes of Beats and Urbanears in the
hipster market, it needs something a small some-more stylish.

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