Social, Digital Mobile Statistics alone is adequate to break any doubt about a significance of digital visibility. The days when marketers could means to have a pacifist online participation though any outcome on their association revenues are prolonged gone. Today, not substantiating a good digital prominence means we are augmenting a risk of being swept divided by your competition. Who would take that risk? Of course, assuring your company’s name is found among a tip players in a digital space can be as tough as truly mastering an art.

I have summarized a dual commandments of digital visibility, desirous by a actor who unequivocally seems to have figured out a regulation for success. The actor is called Jabra – a tellurian writer of innovative headset and speakerphone solutions, proudly describing itself as “always connected, always on and always forward of a game“.

A Little Background Information

A few weeks ago, a courtesy was drawn to Jabra, after carrying stumbled on an article, called “Jabra outplays Danish competitors in digital visibility”. Long story short, an research of 3 Danish manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers and headphones, conducted by an outmost consultancy company, resolved that Jabra was the best code during reaching a aim organisation by amicable media. Additionally, a consultancy association also described Jabra as “superior during online marketing”, reaching roughly 8 million people.

A demeanour behind during Jabra’s story shows that things were not always using as uniformly for a company’s digital visibility, though. In fact, adult until May 2012, usually 0.6 percent of all referrals from Google did not hunt for a branded keyword Jabra. Not to discuss that some-more than 50% of all visitors left a site after saying usually 1 page. Speaking about a association whose roots branch from creation and ingenuity, those analytics positively seemed disturbing. As Michael Harboe, Head of Online Marketing explains, “We accepted that we indispensable to start a finish Digital Transformation of Jabra – all platforms included!”

So what happened?

In 2012, a plan JUICE (Jabra Unified Integrated Customer Experience) was launched, initiating a routine of Jabra’s full digital transformation. As a pretension of a plan implies, it was about “assigning a patron as a running star towards a achievement of digital business ambitions”, or building on patron centricity:

Jabra Customer Centricity Manifesto Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

Screenshot taken 20.03.2014 of

After conducting thousands of surveys and interviews to know patron expectations, behavior, and pain-points, and partnering adult with Sitecore, Jabra focused on building a “new online star that spans opposite all prior marketplace segments and patron profiles”. As a result, a new was expelled in May 2012, built around a judgment of a “warm website”:

The idea is to offer a best probable knowledge when interacting with Jabra, and be means to form any caller from any plcae on any device with any idea from any discuss with any discernment during any time, and be means to conflict on it immediately charity applicable and valued gummy content.

The result?

Undertaking a trail towards full digital transformation, while building on patron centricity positively had a extensive impact on Jabra’s digital visibility. As mentioned before, a code was awarded for being a best during reaching a aim organisation by amicable media. Moreover, holding a demeanour during a boost in trade from search, we trust a curves pronounce for themselves:

Jabra Growth In Search Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

Screenshot taken 20.03.2014 during

Was it easy?

Certainly not. we incited for a criticism to Steen Schnack Grønfeldt, Jabra’s Search Marketing Specialist, who adds that “Working with hunt selling for a website in some-more than 16 languages is unequivocally challenging, though a good eventuality to use one’s skills. It’s unequivocally rewarding to see a swell we’ve done – and we still have a lot of ideas to urge a website even more.”

Lead by my extraordinary nature, we motionless to try a brand’s prominence opening in hunt even further, expanding my research with both a Danish and a US markets. Not surprisingly, Jabra incited out to be forward of a foe there, too in a core business areas – Business Headsets and Speakerphones, that finally desirous me to illustrate a dual vital discipline for truly mastering a art of digital visibility:

Jabra Mastering The Art of Digital Visibility Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

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Let’s take a serve demeanour during any of a dual commandments:

1.     Outplay a Competition in Social

Without going in too many detail, deliberation Jabra’s superb opening in amicable media, we can promulgate that:

  • The association has determined a participation in a many renouned amicable media channels, with a tip activity on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Overall, Jabra followed a 3 elementary golden manners of:  listening to their fans, providing adequate patron use (engaging), and pity diversified content.

Although a infancy of posts are product (brand) related, it is engaging to observe that they are always disfigured with an member of creativity, extrinsic within a applicable context, or are formed on user-generated content. For example, a code took advantage of a Olympics, being a eventuality of a season, to illustrate a propinquity between an Olympics contestant and one of their products. What is more, they indeed related to a athlete’s (Mikaela Shiffrin) personal Instagram profile. What softened approach to share intelligent calm with contextual relevance, while appreciative a user during a same time?

Jabra instance 3 Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

Screenshot taken 20.03.2014 of

Referring behind to Jabra’s concentration on customer-centricity, it’s value mentioning that a code also enclosed an programmed feed with user-generated content from Instagram (discovered by hashtags) on their US website:

Jabra Instagram Feed Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

Screenshot taken 20.03.2014 during

2.     Shoot Your Search Visibility Through a Roof

Making a slight spin from a universe of amicable media, it’s time to try a subsequent rarely critical member for digital visibility, namely hunt visibility. Have Jabra’s digital marketers mastered a art of search? Diving into a Business Headsets difficulty for both a Danish and a US markets, it seems a answer is yes. In a graph with a many-sided share of search, including both organic and paid visibility, Jabra leaves a foe behind — they are some-more than 16% forward of a subsequent tip actor in Denmark (as shown in a graph below), and 5% in US, respectively. Note that a many-sided prominence is formed on a tip 25 many searched and rival general keywords for a Business Headsets difficulty in Denmark.

Business Headsets DK Share of Search Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

Screenshot take 20.03.2014 of

Not usually does Jabra conflict a foe in search, though a domain’s considerable ranking in Denmark’s Business Headsets difficulty primarily comes from organic results:

Jabra Visibility Drivers Three Takeaways to Master The Art of Digital Visibility

Screenshot taken 20.03.2014 of

Of course, it’s satisfactory to discuss that Business Headsets is Jabra’s core business area and US and Denmark are among a many mature markets. If we cruise a rarely rival business area, like Headphones (B2C), a association still has a lot of hurdles and opportunities forward of them. As of 27th of March, ranks #12 in a Headphones difficulty in US, carrying softened a arrange from #35 given Feb 10th 2014.

In conclusion, by exploring a player’s success in digital visibility, we could outline a following pivotal takeaways that can assistance we get closer to mastering a art:

  • Digital prominence goes approach over code awareness. Today, it’s also an essential member of rival intelligence.
  • Mastering a art of digital prominence requires companies to have a broader overview, dedicating equally successful strategies to both amicable and hunt marketing.
  • A website, truly built around customer-centricity, always gets rewarded by hunt engines.

Last though not least, as reminded by Michael Habroe, a tour towards successful digital prominence requires high goals, ongoing efforts and persistence:

“We are gratified with a swell and we guard a digital prominence closely. Honestly, we feel like we’ve usually started this tour and design to benefit a lot some-more from a digital selling efforts. Most importantly, a group of online specialists in Jabra enjoys a challenge, and we will steadfastly continue a effort. You might explain we are doing great, though if so, we will start aiming for epic.” enthusiastically smiles Michael, as he knows they are on to something…

Featured picture credit: Sudhee on Flickr, used underneath CC license.

Editor note: conjunction SEJ or a author have any connection with a companies listed.