Apple’s iOS program updates drip out to millions on millions of iPhones, iPads and iPod hold inclination following any release. And as those millions of inclination are updated any few months, a healthy apportionment of users consternation a same thing: “Why a heck do iOS updates keep branch Bluetooth on?”

People who use Bluetooth accessories mostly or who have Bluetooth in their cars competence leave Bluetooth on all a time. Also, newer device models like a iPhone 5s make use of Bluetooth Low Energy so any impact on battery life is minimal.

Those who don’t use Bluetooth headsets or wearable inclination keep Bluetooth incited off, however, and it’s irritating to see it enabled any and any time a new iOS refurbish is installed. Apple’s large iOS 7.1 refurbish is a many new culprit.

People wondering since this is a box competence find that a simplest reason is mostly a scold one.

According to Greg Sterling, a comparison researcher for Opus Research who recently spoke with Forbes contributor Kashmir Hill, Bluetooth is incited behind on with any refurbish since Apple needs Bluetooth for its iBeacon solution.

“It’s a vicious square here,” Sterling said. “Without Bluetooth, iBeacons won’t work.”

He continued, “That’s a outrageous deal. The 7.1 iOS creates a large pull in what iBeacon can do, though Bluetooth has to be incited on.”

Apple’s iBeacon record allows retailers and anyone else to use bottom stations that promote signals to Apple inclination using iOS 7 or iOS 7.1. When a signals are purebred by users’ iPhones and iPads, apps with iBeacon enabled can respond — even if they are closed, in some cases. This competence cocktail adult a banking on a user’s shade when he or she enters a sell store, for example. It competence also assistance retailers collect essential information on their customers.

But it usually works if Bluetooth is enabled.

Hill’s square fails to discuss that there is expected another reason Apple keeps branch Bluetooth on. AirDrop, Apple’s resolution for circuitously device-to-device record and information pity that replaces NFC, also requires Bluetooth to function.

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