A few weeks back, we was asked if I’d like to examination Tsumbay’s sound cancelling competition headphones. Having formerly reviewed a few headsets we was a tiny doubter of a span that came for usually $20. This doubt wasn’t usually due to a low cost though a prolonged list of features. Tsumbay TS-BH20 supposed to not usually be waterproof though highlighted a series of other facilities – sports earphones, wireless, stereo sound, sweatproof, secure fit… In short, it looked like someone suspicion it would be a good thought to chuck all a trending keywords in one product.

I remained doubtful until we non-stop a box, interconnected it adult and started listening to whatever my phone was personification during a moment. we have to acknowledge Tsumbay has astounded me – if not repelled me – with what they have managed to container inside these tiny earbuds and that too during such an unbelievably low price.

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Hits: sound quality, mic quality, easy setup, secure fit (yayy for a carrying case)

This pleasing warn started with a sound quality. From drum to exemplary music, these earbuds were nowhere tighten to a crappy sound peculiarity others in a same operation mostly offer. Of course, these aren’t for audiophiles. For one, a three-way is a tiny too prominent, though compared to giveaway earphones that we get with your phones and many other products underneath $40 and Tsumbay sounds nearly premium.

“Thanks to a latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR+ CVC 6.0 sound termination technology, we can get richer and frail sound as good as glorious drum sound with these Bluetooth earbuds during a farthest grade that in-ear Bluetooth-compression equipment can achieve,” a association boasts. While that’s loyal to some degree, a sound termination isn’t perfect.

That’s indeed one area where we do feel this product somewhat lacks. It’s really not like what comes finished with a phones, though it’s also not identical to some bill options (like a Tronsmart Encore S6 where sound cancelling works like a charm). For example, when we wear them, sound cancelling isn’t immediate. You are really heard wakeful to mid- and high-pitched sounds. It competence be astray to review a $20 product to those that go for over $60, and a underline does kill ambient sound to a good degree, though it’s not perfect.

When it comes to articulate on phone regulating these Bluetooth headphones, a mic also works seamlessly. Many products underneath $70 seem to have a problem with mic. The chairman on a other finish always asks if we are on Bluetooth earphones or if we have vigilance issues. The voice is transparent during a other end, that is a vital bonus.

Tsumbay TS-BH20, however, isn’t usually advertised for a sound quality. The association appears to be so assured of a sound tech that it focuses some-more on other facilities like secure fit, sound cancelling, H2O resistance, and sports comfort. It did fit ideally as prolonged as we are someone who likes earbuds and not over-the-ear headphones. The product works like a attract during a examination event or jogging. There’s no discomfort, no regulating things adult repeatedly.

I also became a fan of a elementary wrapping and some-more importantly a carrying tote that it brings. This tiny tiny bag creates things a tiny some-more orderly given it’s one reduction handle removing tangled with million others.

Misses: no audio jack and irritating flashes

Tsumbay TS-BH20 lacks an audio jack, that means when charging goes so does a music. It apparently doesn’t come with any charging box so a song literally comes to a halt. The battery does final over 8 hours simply and charges in about 1.5 hours. Even with a 15-minutes charge, we can get a integrate of hours. But, carrying no choice like a audio jack competence be a problem for those who get “range anxiety.”

Another emanate that looked like a problem to me and competence not be such a large understanding for others is a LED that continues to peep each 5 seconds or so when it’s connected. Extremely irritating in a dim room or if we wear specs as a light will reflect, creation things distracting until we get used to it.

But, gripping a cost in mind, these misses are zero though nitpicking. If we wish something candid that does what it claims to do, Tsumbay TS-BH20 will be a ideal fit for those in budget. While we won’t give adult over-the-ear alternatives that feel and sound improved to me, these work improved and admittedly feel some-more gentle during workouts and outside trips as they mislay a bulk out of a equation while still giving we a good sound quality.

Tsumbay TS-BH20 Sport Headphones: specs and design

The pattern is flattering simple. The right side is what acts as a heart of a pair, where we will find a volume keys and a multi-function symbol (MFB). MFB is used to start a product, accept calls, play/pause music, call final dialled number, and more. Volume keys are used for volume control and to pierce around a playlist. There is also a charging pier during a bottom.

The element peculiarity doesn’t feel severe to your skin. The partial that goes over your ear is indeed done adult of a soothing material, that means it won’t means annoy after hours of usage. Here are a finish specs of Tsumbay TS-BH20:

  • Model: TS-BH20
  • Bluetooth Version: v4.1+ EDR
  • Support Profiles: HFP, HSP, AVRCP, A2DP
  • Operating Distance: 10M
  • Battery Capacity: 100mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours
  • Music Playtime: About 8 Hours
  • Standby Time: About 240 Hours
  • Ergonomic in-ear pattern and super soothing silicone over-ear hooks
  • Includes: headset, carrying case, 6x deputy earbuds of 3 opposite sizes, USB charging cable, user primer in mixed languages
  • Price: $19.99


If we are looking for something that indeed stays fit during jogging, offers good sound quality, is sweatproof, and doesn’t cost some-more than your monthly groceries – Tsumbay TS-BH20 is done for you. This product is no Sennheiser and it doesn’t explain to be. But, for a price, this headset is going to warn you.

– You can get Tsumbay TS-BH20 IPX7 sound cancelling headphones from Amazon.

This tiny sweatproof Bluetooth headset brings minimalistic design, gentle fit, and sound cancelling during reduction than half a cost of competitors.

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