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May 07, 2014 —

Rokit Boost Announces New Upgrades to SWAGE Bluetooth Headphones

New York, NY (PRWEB) May 07, 2014

Consumer direct for peculiarity mobile accessories stays hotter than ever, and Rokit Boost is assembly a direct with best products that element todays many renouned mobile inclination and consumer electronic goods. Today, Rokit Boost announced that a array of upgrades had been combined to a SWAGE Bluetooth headphones for larger functionality and consumer convenience.

The SWAGE Bluetooth headset has been upgraded with a Bluetooth 4.0 chipset for some-more efficient, wireless harmony with a iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, and a far-reaching array of other mobile inclination with wireless capability. With a larger Bluetooth capacity, a SWAGE now usually requires 3 seconds for entering into pairing modehalf of a time a strange SWAGE indication compulsory for syncing with mobile devices. If a SWAGE Bluetooth headphones already have been synced with a mobile device, they will auto-connect to a device but a hitch.

Crystal Clear Audio and Great Functionality

The SWAGE Bluetooth headphones also underline state-of-the-art noise-cancelling technology, that delivers to users an well-developed listening experience. With a headsets sound termination ability, users can listen to their favorite tunes as if they were listening to a songs being accessible in-studio.

The transparent clear audio and a built-in microphone capacitate consumers to suffer seamless, uninterrupted, hands-free communication. A carefully-designed, discerning symbol blueprint adds larger functionality to a mix, permitting for quick-and-easy use and playback-ability. With a symbol layout, there are no gimmicks, no difficult symbol mashing; only a integrate of symbol pushes, and a SWAGE headphones are prepared to go.

Built for Comfort and Lasting Value

The SWAGE Bluetooth headphones have a sleek, durable physique that is simply storable and taken anywhere while on-the-go. Soft leather ear pads and a 4.8mm brush metal, partial extendable wipe concede for customizable and gentle listening. For larger consumer value, a headphones offer 6 to 8 hours of playback time- reportedly one of a longer playback durations accessible on a market.

The SWAGE headphones also come with a one-year singular guaranty and have perceived intensely auspicious reviews from a online blogging village as good as on Amazon for their opening ability. The headphones can be purchased online during a website:

About Rokit Boost

Rokit Boost is a colonize of affordable, high-quality mobile accessories. Whether they are innovations including iPhone horse cases, Bluetooth headphones, or wireless Bluetooth speakers/microphones, Rokit Boosts group seeks to supplement estimable enhancements to good existent products. The association also offers a refurbishment module of approved products for well-developed patron value, during reduced pricing.

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