When Bluetooth was invented in 1994, no one knew how successful a record would indeed become.  Some might have even speculated that a record would never take off and would eventually hiss divided many like beta max or laser front technology.  However, even yet there were times in a 90′s where a destiny of a record seemed to come to a dead-end, it overcame any and all obstacles and fortunately, a record is now deliberate widely accepted.  This is many expected given Bluetooth record has been implemented in a immeasurable array of inclination trimming from desktop computers, laptops, wireless speakers, microphones, dungeon phones, and many more.  It has grown into an entity that is literally everywhere.  In a box of Bluetooth headsets, it also had a formidable time apropos supposed in multitude in a 90′s.  To many, it became a bottom of open gibe and hoax destined towards anyone who wore a record in public.  However, in 2014 it too is now socially supposed and used by millions of people each singular day.

Having pronounced that, is there anything new that Bluetooth can uncover us?  we theory during a finish of a day, it depends on whom we ask.

Voyager Edge PackageRecently, we acquired a code new Plantronics Voyager Edge.  This was a latest book to a prolonged line of headsets that Plantronics now makes.  we had already been accustomed to a prior Plantronics Bluetooth headset so my expectations were intensely high due to a fact that my prior Plantronics headset was one of a best Bluetooth inclination we had ever owned.  At initial we overtly asked a doubt on if or if not that we indeed indispensable another Bluetooth headset.  What done this headset opposite from a others that we have?  If we unequivocally indispensable a Bluetooth device, would profitable a $129 suggested sell cost for a Voyager Edge be justified?  There was unequivocally no other approach to find out unless we tested a device in a genuine universe with genuine universe scenarios.

Voyager EdgeAccording to Plantronics, a device can final 7 full days on standby and has adult to 16 hours speak time [6 hours if we are though a outmost box that can also assign a device].  The fact that it came with an outmost box that can also assign a device when not in use is a underline that we suspicion unequivocally stood out from all a other inclination on a market.  To exam it, we motionless that we was going to take a Voyager Edge with me on a 3-day vacation.  During a trip, we motionless that we was going to leave a horse for a device during my home and rest on a outmost box to assign a device in box we indispensable additional power.  Normally, we would never frankly withdrawal a horse for any device that we possess during home let alone on a trip.  However, given a headset came with outmost energy we felt as if we would be alright in terms of powering a device.

My outing was simply a brief 200 mile getaway to a beach in that we would be left for 3 days.  The Voyager Edge did come in accessible on a initial leg of my trip, namely when we was pushing on a freeway.  The headset allows a user to automatically answer an incoming call by voice so we did not need to hold or even demeanour during my phone to answer it.  This underline was also unusually useful when we found myself pushing in a propagandize section where dungeon phone use is particularly prohibited.  Upon nearing during my destination, it began to sleet and we feared that a H2O would repairs a device.  As many as we wanted to take a device off so it wouldn’t get wet, for a consequence of a genuine examination in a real-world situation, we kept it on in hopes that it wouldn’t break.  Once a sleet ceased and we dusty off, it still functioned as normal.  It is misleading to me if it was a brief vacation, or a fact that we was regulating a headset, though we spent a subsequent 3 days hardly looking during my phone.  This left me some-more time to suffer a festivities around me.  During a times when we did indeed use my phone, a calls were clear, even on an island though many of a dungeon phone signal.  By a finish of my mini vacation, we had satisfactory use of my phone and was astounded to learn that a battery still had an plenty volume of assign in it.


Overall, we like a Plantronics Voyager Edge.  It is light-weight and has glorious battery life.  The outmost box that doubles as a horse is a shining suspicion and a fact that we can answer calls by simply observant “answer” is something that we feel can be intensely useful.  It has Bluetooth 4.0, a operation adult to 33 feet, and implements noise-canceling technology.  If we have an incoming call, it has sensors and will automatically answer a call once it senses that we put a headset on.  we felt this underline reduced a possibility of blank a call while putting a device to your head.  It was transparent to me that a headset has many pros.  However, in an unprejudiced fashion, we attempted to demeanour for anything that we did not like given it had so many things that we found appealing.  The usually thing that we came opposite that we did not caring for was a groundless square of cosmetic that wraps around your ear.  IMG_20140407_091411

The cosmetic was removable and luckily Plantronics had supposing several deputy ear pieces in box a user wanted a opposite character or has an ear that did not fit good with a cosmetic hang around.  So altogether we felt that this was not wholly a understanding breaker.  While a Voyager Edge is installed with available features, does this answer a doubt on if a $129 cost tab is justified.  we overtly felt that a Voyager Edge is a good Bluetooth with tons of accessible features.  This goes along good for someone whom is on a phone constantly.  So personally, we can see a justification of spending a income on it.  However, we suspicion that users who do not use their dungeon phone as many or not into all a bells and whistles that a Voyager Edge provides, will many expected not wish to plate out a income for such a headset.  Especially given there are many some-more reduction costly Bluetooth headsets on a market.



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