RAPOO, tellurian leaders in providing cutting-edge wireless marginal products,launched S500 a high peculiarity Bluetooth 4.0 stereo headset. RAPOO S500 runs on a latest Bluetooth 4.0 wireless record that reduces a energy expenditure and provides longer battery backup. RAPOO S500 is lightweight, rarely unstable and comes with glorious sound quality. With in built dark microphone S500 delivers an glorious peculiarity of voice job and it can switch between calls and music.

Key Features

-Bluetooth 4.0 wireless audio transmission 
-Aluminium amalgamate trimming
-USB Charging with connected choice cable-
-Wireless and connected twin mode working
-COM-Ti Membrane Vibrating Technology
-Built-in high-performance rechargeable lithium battery
-Built-in omnidirectional Mic for glorious voice-calling
-Available in Silver, Grey, Green, Pink and Blue colours
-Headset can bond with dual inclination simultaneously

RAPOO S500 is designed to accommodate a user’s direct on both lightweight and high portability.RAPOO has designed S5000 with a many modernized Bluetooth 4.0 record to yield high peculiarity audio playback and wireless tie with reduced energy consumption. Users can suffer song anywhere easily. It works good in both connected and wireless modes.

The RAPOO S500 has soothing earpads that give a gentle feeling on ears even on longer use. This headset can run for 16 hours with a smallest assign of 3 hours and has a stylish opinion with eye-catching double tone shades. The dark omni-directional microphone picks adult a voice with conspicuous clarity and provides good voice-calling experience. RAPOO S500 is modernized high peculiarity headset, best matched for girl and techies.

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