Pryme radio products have expelled a new line of headphones, accessories and mics for law enforcement

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By PoliceOne Staff

Pryme radio products have expelled a new line of headphones, accessories and mics for law enforcement. New products embody a wireless Bluetooth accessories designed for two-way radios, like a PRYMEBLU PTT2, a tiny USB assign port, LED-indicator and push-to-talk activator. The PTT2 pairs with a PRYMEBLU adapter and headset and can be firmly clipped usually about anywhere to broach quick push-to-talk functionality, according to a company.

Pryme’s CEL-QD1 adapter lets dispatchers use a connected audio appendage for a concordant dungeon phone with a unstable two-way radio. Compatible radios embody several models of Motorola, Kentwood, and Harris radios.

Pryme headset. (Photo pleasantness Pryme)

Pryme also expelled a wireless Bluetooth headset with push-to-talk capability, concordant with PRYMEBLU two-way radio adapters. It also can adjust to a cellphone, that transforms a push-to-talk symbol into an answer/hang-up button, and a removable ear offshoot can be practiced to fit a left or right ear.

Another new headset is a HLP-SNL array lightweight padded headset is accessible in simple- and multi-pin designs and has noise-reducing capabilities and a imperishable over-the conduct design.

In addition, a association denounced a PRYMEBLU BTH-SPM100, a Bluetooth-adaptive wireless orator microphone that connects to a radio adapter and can be used with several Android apps The mic is tiny and lightweight, measuring during usually 2.5 ounces and 3 in. x 2 inches by 0.6 inches, and includes a built-in earphone jack for additional confidence and privacy.

It also expelled a Synergy SPM-600 Series OEM-style remote orator microphone  that connects to single- and multi-pins and is versed with a high-output speaker, high-impact H2O resistant polycarbonate housing and a steel reinforced pivot clip. 

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