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Rokit Boost sent us a span of their Swage 2 Bluetooth headphones to review. They’re elementary to use, and surprisingly affordable compared to some other Bluetooth headsets we’ve seen. That’s not to contend they’re not yet their drawbacks.

Bluetooth vs. Wires

The biggest advantage to a Swage 2 is a miss of handle going from a headphones to whatever device you’re listening to. Bluetooth can be a unequivocally available option, yet it still has some problems. These aren’t disdainful to a Swage 2, yet they’re value mentioning. If you’re regulating Bluetooth headphones for one device afterwards it’s fundamentally usually a matter of pairing a dual inclination once, and we should be set. But if like me, you’re swapping between inclination there’s an additional step endangered to reconnect a headphones to whatever device you’re using.

Primarily we was swapping between regulating a Swage 2 on my phone and my laptop. When going from laptop to phone we had to open a Bluetooth menu and name a Swage 2 from my interconnected device list. After that it takes a few seconds before we hear a beep revelation me they’ve connected. It’s not accurately a formidable or extensive process, yet it takes longer than simply plugging into my phone’s headphone jack — yet it takes a lot reduction time than untangling my earbuds.


The tradeoff in holding a few additional seconds to reconnect a headphones to my phone is that my phone isn’t afterwards tethered to my conduct with a wire, and we found that to be a unequivocally pardon experience. The operation between a Swage 2 and both my laptop and phone was considerable adequate that we could transport around my bureau or residence (both sincerely tiny compared to other offices or houses) yet losing vigilance as prolonged as there was a transparent trail between myself and a device. Bluetooth doesn’t seem to transport good by things, and it was easy to remove vigilance if something came between me and my device.

This lead to a many startling and unsatisfactory drawback. we would mostly remove vigilance while wearing a Swage 2 and carrying my phone in my left pants slot like we routinely do. we myself am apparently adequate of a separator to retard a vigilance between my right ear (where we trust a receiver is located, as that’s where a controls are) and my left pants pocket. (A stretch I’ll guess to be about a meter.) Even if we changed a phone to a front shirt or coupler slot we would remove vigilance  if we happened to spin my conduct sharply.

Holding a phone out in my palm while walking stopped a vigilance detriment for a many part, yet we don’t indispensably wish to transport around holding my phone. Then reduction we pierce with a Swage 2, a improved a accepting is going to stay.

Battery Life

Rokit Boost claims a Swage 2 is good for about 8 hours of listening time once entirely charged, and we found that to flattering accurate. we usually had to assign a headphones once each few days with assuage use. we also found a explain that it takes about 90 mins to entirely assign a headphones was loyal as well. Keeping a Swage 2 powered for a assuage use we get out of headphones hasn’t been a problem while I’ve been contrast them.

Obviously, longer battery life would be nice, yet a energy on a Swage 2 emptied in a flattering reasonable volume of time where we don’t feel we have to constantly be charging a things.


The Swage 2 have a bit of an peculiar design. They’re not unequivocally over-the-ear or on-the-ear as most as they are pressed-up-against-the-ear. The padded speakers are cushioned adequate to stay gentle for a brief time, yet after extended durations of use my ears became a small sore. That’s substantially exacerbated by a fact that we wear glasses. After wearing a Swage 2 for some-more than about an hour my ears felt pinched between a headphones and a stems of my glasses.

Thankfully, that’s about a limit volume of time I’d be wearing headphones anyway, so it’s not accurately a understanding breaker. Still, I’d most cite a cupped over-the-ear design.

Sound Quality

The Swage 2 are not a best sounding headphones I’ve used, yet they’re distant from a worst. we consider a padded orator pattern plays a partial in this, as it doesn’t do most to retard out other sounds. For a price, I’d contend they sound improved than we competence expect. Whether listening to podcasts or song a sound is transparent and doesn’t come by sounding distorted. They sound improved than a inexpensive deputy earbuds we infrequently use, yet not utterly as good as a Bose over-the-ear headphones that I’d now call my favorites.


Rokit Boost lists a Swage 2 on their site right now for $54.99, that places them resolutely in a center of a highway as distant as headphones are concerned. It’s also one of a best things a Swage 2 have going. If we purchased a span of Swage 2 headphones, afterwards I’d be peaceful to pardon roughly any of my complaints about them during that price. (The detriment of accepting while walking with my phone in my slot would still be a adhering indicate though.)


The Swage 2 has a built-in microphone so we can answer calls in a eventuality that someone interrupts whatever you’re listening to. It works good adequate that we can explain you’re regulating a Bluetooth headset and that a chairman on a other finish of a call should reason on a second while we switch it off so we can pronounce into a phone normally.

There was a lot of repeating difference and “you’re violation adult a bit” during a exam calls we attempted creation with a Swage 2. Still, we suspect a microphone is improved than no microphone, yet don’t design to be regulating it much.


Most of a drawbacks to a Swage 2 are usually fundamental drawbacks to any Bluetooth headset, and for a cost we can’t kick it. If you’re looking for wireless headphones we devise to get light to assuage use from, you’ll substantially be unequivocally happy shopping these. If you’re a complicated headphones user or a picky audiophile afterwards we might wish to demeanour elsewhere for something some-more gentle with some higher-end sound.

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