A Queens coiffeur emporium owners is underneath detain after military contend he stabbed a male to genocide inside his emporium Thursday following an argument.

Police found Carl Richardson, 19, comatose with mixed gash wounds around 2 p.m. inside Select Stylez Barbershop located during 227-14 Merrick Boulevard in Laurelton.

He was conspicuous passed during a hospital.

Cedric Simpson, 34, was arrested and charged with second grade murder and rapist possession of a weapon.

Police contend a plant showed adult to collect $40 Simpson due him for a Bluetooth headset.

The dual got into an evidence and that’s when they contend Simpson stabbed Richardson with a span of scissors.

“It’s only so incomprehensible people losing their lives over incomprehensible things,” pronounced Carl Richardson, a victim’s father.

“Apparently he was on a building he was in pain he pronounced urge for me,” pronounced Johann Richardson, a victim’s mother. “And he mislaid his life for that he was a good kid.”

Richardson’s relatives contend a teen was going to college to turn an occupational therapist and was offered a headsets to lift income for a automobile to get to work.

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