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Make no mistake about it, Plantronics new Voyager Edge Bluetooth headset is approach foe for Jawbone’s recently expelled Era headset. Both headsets foe a identical underline set and cost point, and are directed during fashionistas and business group alike.

When it comes to design, a Voyager Edge is petite though not scarcely as petite as a Jawbone Era. So while a Era can simply get mislaid in someone’s hair, a Voyager Edge – not so much. That said, a Voyager Edge’s pattern is still unequivocally neat and it comes in a good preference of 3 colors. It’s also dampness resistant and will dissolution many liquids and sweat. When it comes to comfort, a headset excels and we could wear it for ours during a time though feeling vigour on a ears. Unfortunately we do feel that it could offer a tighter seal.

The headset is flattering intelligent too. The Voyager Edge automatically syncs to your contacts and it offers simple voice commands, so It will review a caller’s name out to you. To answer a call, we only contend “Answer” to take a call or contend “Ignore” to decrease a call. This underline works unequivocally well. The headset also packs in manageable intelligent sensor record that can route calls to your phone or headset, postponement song for incoming calls, and automatically answer calls as we place a headset on your ear.

When it comes to audio and call quality, a Voyager Edge unequivocally excels. This is positively due to a fact that it has 3 tuned mics inside of it that offer extended sound canceling. We are tender with how aloud and transparent callers sound, even in loud environments. And in general, callers have pronounced a same of us. That said, there have been a few instances where we tested regulating a headset on a unequivocally swarming and unequivocally breezy New York City travel and a tourist on a other finish did onslaught to hear us on and off. That said, a Voyager Edge still outperformed each other “fashion” form headset in a class.

Battery life on a Voyager Edge is singular to only 6 hours. This is some-more than a Jawbone Era’s 4 hour battery life, though we still wish it was longer. Luckily, a $129.99 cost tab for a Voyager Edge includes a relating charging box that adds an additional 10 hours of battery life to a Voyager Edge. The charging box judgment is unequivocally many appreciated, though it’s not a new judgment possibly – a Jawbone Era also has an discretionary charging case. That said, a Voyager Edge come customary with one included. Checking a battery turn on your headset or box is easy. All we have to do appropriate your finger over a icons on a box to see a standing indicator. The headset will also forewarn we verbally when a battery is using low.

Jawbone Era vs Plantronics Voyager Edge

When comparing a audio peculiarity and sound rebate peculiarity to a Jawbone Era, while a Jawbone Era is a unequivocally good headset, a Voyager Edge indeed comes out on tip for a call and audio experience. We also conclude a additional battery life that a Voyager Edge provides. That said, we like that a Era offers a smaller distance and some-more tone choices for consistent into your hair, so we can disagree that a Era comes out on tip when it comes to conform and style.

In any case, it’s transparent with such a clever product like a Voyager Edge that Bluetooth headsets have come a prolonged way. To that effect, a Plantronics Voyager Edge is an glorious Bluetooth headset, we only wish a battery life was a bit improved and that a device was a bit smaller. Plantronics Voyager Edge retails for $129 and is accessible in a choice of black, gray or white. It should be accessible to squeeze soon.

The Good: Built in NFC, good call quality, unequivocally gentle fit, song playback sounds surprisingly good for a mono ear piece, improved battery life than a competition, comes with charging case, concordant with wideband audio for use with HD Voice-enabled smartphones, dampness resistant, unequivocally gentle to wear, automatically syncs to your contacts

The Bad: Battery life could still be better, wish it were smaller in size, pattern feels a bit uninspiring

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