Plantronics Voyager Edge is a intelligent headset with old-fashioned design

Bluetooth headsets are not only meant to answer calls. Plantronics Voyager Edge is a intelligent headset with a horde of additional features.

The pattern of a Voyager Edge, however, feels outdated. It has a diamond-shaped physique and a prolonged bang as found on a progressing Discovery headsets though is gentle to wear for longer durations. The association claims that a lot of intelligent record has been combined to this headset. The bang has 3 mics that works towards sound cancellation.

During testing, it did perform beautifully. The sound was clear. Plantronics has also combined NFC to this headset that creates it elementary to span with phones, with only a tap.

The Voyager Edge is intelligent as it has sensors that detect when one is wearing it or not. So when one wears a headset during a call, a sensor senses and switches a call from phone to a headset. When private and still incited on, a keys on a headsets don’t work and so discharge a chances of redialling a final call by mistake.

It also supports voice controls for responding calls. Plantronics has also introduced a new app for determining a settings of a headset. Plantronics Discovery was famous for carrying a unstable energy bank for a headset and it continues with a Voyager Edge too. There is a intelligent battery behind that can assign a headset twice. When a headset is plugged in a cradle, a elementary hold shows a assign in a headset as good as this dock. The Voyager Edge gave me tighten to 6 hours of talktime on a singular charge.

Bag it or Junk it:
A intelligent headset with old-fashioned design

Price: Rs 7,499

Rating: 4.5/5


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