Plantronic’s new wireless Bluetooth headphones have a ‘safety-oriented design’ that lets we hear surrounding noises and be seen some-more simply while operative out during emergence or dusk.

Plantronics identifies itself as a wearable Bluetooth device maker, while revelation it isn’t a best recognized code when it comes to headphones a association hopes a new BackBeat Fit Bluetooth headphones will interest to aptness lovers and gym junkies.

Peter Petrides, a inhabitant sell sales manager during Plantronics pronounced a code has stretched over Bluetooth headsets, that it is famous for, by focusing on a strength as a wireless association to bond with consumers.

“We are unequivocally some-more of a device association now as against to a only headset company. We unequivocally essay to be series one in wearable record and we have been doing wearable record forever, when we consider about a [Bluetooth] headset it unequivocally is a wearable technology,” Petrides said.

BackBeat Fit

BackBeat Fit, electric blue 

The BackBeat Fit has an open ear pattern with contoured ear tips that concede a user to hear outmost sound while personification song though still stay in place during a workout.

Petrides pronounced a headphones weren’t designed to besiege we from a world, though with reserve in mind.

“With a headphones themselves we have managed to get them right on a fork of carrying adequate audio, and peculiarity audio, for we to listen to though also being an open ear pattern where we can hear to train beeping during you,” he said.

Platronics expects consumers will burst on this pattern of headphone for fitness, as it creates them feel some-more assured and gentle while exercising.

Available in immature or blue, a BackBeat Fit also double as reflectors, adding to a reserve certification of a product. It comes with a box that can be converted into a splendid contemplative armband, adding some-more high prominence and value to a product.

BackBeat Fit orange immature

BackBeat Fit, orange burst

The headphones enclose no relocating parts, creation them tough and flexible. They are also persperate explanation and continue explanation with an IP rating of 54. (Petrides pronounced they could be rinsed after a examination though aren’t designed to be submerged in water).

They import only 24 grams, can remember adult to 8 inclination and have adult to 8 hours of listen time. It has a standby mode and also a low nap mode that will keep a headphones charged for 180 days. The Bluetooth tie also lets we accept calls.

“We have had a clever bequest in a consumer audio space with a BackBeat Go operation of products. Now with a launch of BackBeat Fit we are providing a consumers higher sound, comfort, style, a ability to take and make calls, a horde of reserve facilities and a proclivity to get relocating and fit,” pronounced Susan Hansen, clamp boss of sales and marketing, Asia Pacific and Middle East at Plantronics.

The BackBeat Fit will be accessible for RRP $159 from 1 Jul 2014 during Rebel Sport. Retailers will accept their product in a following weeks.

When incited inside out a BackBeat Fit box doubles as an armband.

When incited inside out a BackBeat Fit box doubles as an armband.


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