Plantronics is no strangers to Bluetooth headsets. Their lineup includes several wireless varieties, so a options within their offerings alone are impressive. Does their BackBeat FIT do a lineup justice, though? We go ears-on (on ears?) to find out possibly or not this one is a leader or not.


The initial thing we notice about a BackBeat FIT is it’s childish tone scheme. In a instance, a black bottom gave approach to ‘Electric Blue’ accents, yet we could select a confidant ‘Lime Burst’ if we like. The spaghetti-strap connector is simply pliable, that flows right into a molded over-the-ear pieces.

The BackBeat FIT, while over-the-ear, isn’t in a ear. There are dual directional speakers that aim inside of a ear waterway (and can be changed a bit), yet don’t indeed occupy most space there. A bit treacherous during first, we found it infrequently useful when in tangible use (we’ll tell we because in a bit). A little half-circle square keeps a earpiece tethered to your ear.




Buttons on possibly side will control all about a BackBeat FIT. That’s where regulating it gets a little tricky, though. Cleverly designed and easily built-in, a functions get a bit sheltered in a earbuds. Small energy and volume buttons give approach to vast call/play-pause buttons. We’d have prefered a bit some-more equality, as we cruise people will need to control volume levels as most as anything else. The microUSB jack is good hidden, yet a bit wily to examine open if we don’t have something to trip in-between.

The BackBeat FIT is directed during fitness, that a name aptly suggests. A tote concomitant a earbuds doubles as an arm rope for your iPhone or smaller Android device (we got a Moto X in usually fine), accessible for a runners out there. By branch inside-out, a sleeve’s contemplative inside becomes a reserve underline when holding your device tighten to your arm. A energy cord is also enclosed for charging, that takes about dual hours from a totally emptied state.




The BackBeat FIT is unequivocally comfortable; a good choice for those who don’t wish something clogging adult their ear canal, yet also don’t wish to travel around with Beats headphones on. Sleek and subdued, yet also reflective, a BackBeat FIT is one we could absolutely leave on for a prolonged time. We cruise it’s as good for home or bureau use as it is fitness.

Pairing was elementary — usually reason down a energy button. On iOS, you’ll be stirred to download an app that updates your headphones once paired. It’s a good pointer that Plantronics has no aim to baggy these into a marketplace and afterwards relinquish responsibility. The Android app can be downloaded from a Play Store, and serves as a usually process for checking a battery spin on a headset (iPhones will have it displayed adult tip on-screen).


The aim here is healthy living, though, and a contemplative properties of both a arm rope and headwear advise Plantronics has reserve in mind as well. This has some transparent using angles we’ve picked adult on, yet a miss of composition for a silicon tag that flows around a behind of your conduct competence put some off. It could — depending on how we run — wave opposite your neck, creation for a teenager annoyance. You could always take a rubber rope or little shave to it, yet it should be deliberate a slight slip that there is no adjustment. Your mileage with a tag competence vary, of course.

Sound constructed from a BackBeat FIT is surprisingly big. It’s got a bass-y heft to it, yet also hits highs acceptably well. We wouldn’t advise perplexing to listen to a fibre concerto in mid-town traffic, yet some-more renouned tunes are going to be usually fine.

One of a coolest facilities of a BackBeat FIT is that we can still hear what’s going on around we when wearing them. For runners in a city, this is generally handy. Hearing trade is important, so these are ones we’d rarely suggest in that scenario. The BackBeat FIT is also “sweat proof”, carrying a P2i cloaking on a earbud assembly. Plantronics also says their earbuds will give we 8 hours of playback, that we found to be accurate. A “deep sleep” mode puts a FIT into hibernation if we forget to spin them off.



For $129.99, you’re removing some good earbuds and an arm rope for aptness use. If we were to buy these forms of equipment separately, it would expected cost about as most (if not more), so cruise that when we are looking to buy these. The arm rope is comfortable, and a contemplative peculiarity is nice, yet it’s eventually flattering basic. That’s usually excellent by us, yet if you’re picky or like to fiddle with your playlist on a run, it competence not fit you.

The controls are a bit kluge-y, unfortunately. Holding down a call symbol will get we to Siri, yet a mic is a bit weak, generally with ambient noise. Taking calls was a snap, yet a mic was, again, a hold weak. Volume control is operated by a single, little button; we’d have elite a some-more profiled action, here, with a dedicated volume “up” and “down” movement rather than a “hold for volume down, press for volume up” scenario. Taking a reserve from a Jaybird Bluebuds X would have been smart, both for controls and tag management.

Big sound and a little form lead us to suggest this, though. It’s a bit spendy, yet as a package, good value it. The controls have a bit of a training curve, that is a usually emanate we can indicate to as a reason some competence not adore it true away. Overall, we’re happy with a set, and we cruise we will be, too.

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