For anyone who runs with their phones or MP3 players tied around a arm, a cords of a earphones can be irritating to manage. There are wireless headsets, though a unchanging ones are not meant to tackle perspiration. We afterwards come to a special difficulty of headsets, a ones that come with a sweat-proof material. Plantronics, a eminent name in a Bluetooth headset segment, has come out with a BackBeat FIT. It is targeted during active use and is meant to be used while we are behaving earthy activities such as regulating or operative out in a gym.


Build and Design

The job symbol on a right palm side lets we attend calls and also activate voice controls on your smartphoneThe job symbol on a right palm side lets we attend calls and also activate voice controls on your smartphone

BackBeat FIT comes in a dual-tone colour scheme: fluorescent blue and black (Electric Blue) or fluorescent immature and black (Lime Burst). As we can see from a picture above, it has a singular stretchable flattened branch joining a dual ear-pieces. It uses a P2i coating, a liquid-repellant coating, that helps keep issues such as persperate collection or dampness during bay. On closer regard we will notice a glossy element being used in a coating. So if we are a kinds who likes a good dusk run outdoors, a glossy element on a headset ensures that it is manifest in dim when approach light falls on it.


The speakers on a ear-tips have a shutting surface that tends to hovel a sound in a ear. Unlike a in-ear earphones, a BackBeat FIT’s ear-tips do not totally block your ears, withdrawal some room for ambient sound to get in. This is utterly critical as while outdoors, we wish to be wakeful of a ambient sound when you’re regulating or biking. The eartips have a little semi-circular rubber projection to yield support. Once placed in a ears, a eartips reason adult a whole headset.


The Plantronics BackBeat FIT has a unequivocally stretchable neckbandThe Plantronics BackBeat FIT has a unequivocally stretchable neckband

The neck rope does not rest on a neck per se, though a ear-tips sojourn solid once placed in a ears irrespective of a transformation of a neckband. The rope around a ears that connects a neckband to a eartips is partially sturdier than a neckband, in a clarity that it does not flex as much, though it too does not rest on your ears. Thanks to a light weight of a ear tips, we do not unequivocally feel their weight and can lift on for hours listening to your music.



Considering this is a Bluetooth headset with job functionality, it comes with a call accept symbol on a right palm ear piece. Just around a symbol we have a little projection that acts as a energy button. Long-pressing a energy symbol will activate a voice control on your smartphone. You can daub on a energy symbol once and we will get a voice authority giving we a battery level.


On a left palm side we have a play/pause symbol that allows we to skip marks as wellOn a left palm side we have a play/pause symbol that allows we to skip marks as well

On a left palm side we have a play/pause symbol along with volume controller that is represented in a form of a little projection that needs to be pulpy to boost a volume. On holding it continuously, we can diminution a volume level. On double drumming a play/pause button, we can skip to a subsequent track. Similarly when we reason on to a play/pause button, we can replay a stream lane or go to a prior track.


Plantronics BackBeat FIT comes with an appealing brightly phony phone lift box with a neoprene arm bandPlantronics BackBeat FIT comes with an appealing brightly phony phone lift box with a neoprene arm band

Other than a buttons, there’s zero many to speak about on a BackBeat FIT. Charging is finished around a microUSB charging pier that is benefaction usually underneath a call button. It comes with a brightly phony arm rope in that we can place your mobile device while you’re regulating or store a BackBeat FIT when not in use.



One of a many critical things when it comes to active Bluetooth headsets, is a comfort level. While those used to a finish plugging of a ears offering by in-ear headphones will find a construction of a eartips on a BackBeat FIT a bit lacking. We feel it is needed, as we will be regulating a FIT when operative out or outside while regulating or biking and we need to have heard ambient sound specifically on a road. Once connected to a phone, there was frequency any instance when we incidentally mislaid tie with a phone.


Turning around a arm rope will renovate it into a lift box for a headsetTurning around a arm rope will renovate it into a lift box for a headset

Having pronounced that, we felt that plugging in and stealing a headset can be utterly a charge during times. It will take some time removing used to a pattern and being means to fast wear and mislay a BackBeat FIT. We would have desired to see it come bundled with mixed ear tips as not all ears are a same size. But once plugged in, we will not feel any fatigue, notwithstanding a fact that all rests on a ear tips and there is no other support supposing by a neckband or a over-the-ear band.


Call peculiarity on a BackBeat FIT is good and a microphone is sensitive, though this is loyal usually while contrast it in indoor environments. When outdoors, things get bad. The ambient sound overwhelms your possess voice and a chairman during a other finish is hardly means to make out what is being spoken. Considering this is being targeted as an active Bluetooth headset, that is a unequivocally bad sign. This is generally loyal if we are an outside cyclist or curtain regulating this headset to answer calls while behaving your activity.


MicroUSB charging pier is located usually underneath a right palm side eartipMicroUSB charging pier is located usually underneath a right palm side eartip

Music outlay is decent on a BackBeat FIT. It is a many manageable in a mid-frequency region. The drum outlay is not that good and when outdoors, it gets worse. Vocals are transparent and there was a decent volume of sound subdivision when listening to Eminem, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and also electronic song from a likes of Daft Punk sounded great. The volume turn outlay differs from handset to handset. In a contrast we beheld that a Backbeat FIT sounded louder when we used a aloft finish Sony Xperia Z2 than it did on a lower-end XOLO Q700. While roving in a Mumbai locals, a ambient sound does tend to shroud a Bluetooth audio during times, notwithstanding carrying a volume on a Backbeat FIT during limit level. While regulating outdoors, we did not notice that many of an emanate with ambient sound while listening to music, unless there was some honking in a traffic. On a whole, a headset achieved morally good if we usually wish a good messenger to hear your song on your morning/evening run or while operative out.


The operation of a BackBeat FIT is like any other Bluetooth headset. Line of steer vigilance is clever for around 20 – 25 feet and we were also means to hear over a wall during a stretch of 10 feet.


Battery life when listening to song simply crosses 6-7 hours. The speak time is rated for around 6 hours. This is good adequate to final we by a day, or dual if we usually use it while operative out.  Charging it totally takes a integrate of hours.


Verdict and Price in India

Plantronics BackBeat FIT offers a good underline set in a poetic looking package. For outside runners, cyclists and gym freaks, a BackBeat FIT could be a good messenger due to a wireless component. Thanks to a light weight, we will not feel any kind of tired after enlarged usage. The vital obstacle is a bad call peculiarity when outdoors. The microphone attraction is good usually for indoor use and outside it tends to constraint a lot of breeze noise, trade sound and so on.


Keeping this in mind, a Rs 7,490 cost indicate really appears bloated. We were awaiting improved outside call peculiarity as this is one product that is meant to be used outdoors. Another headset we can check out around a Rs 7,000 cost indicate is a Jabra Rox Wireless headset, that comes with an engaging pattern and a choice of mixed ear tips.

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