Plantronics is best know for Bluetooth headsets, though given a BackBeat Go 2 launched it’s been doing good with Bluetooth stereo headsets. Now a Plantronics BackBeat Fit has been denounced during MWC.

The sports headphones offer a sweat-resistant, rarely visibile housing for streaming song on a go around Bluetooth. And interjection to carrying usually one wire joining a dual ears, there’s no need to worry about it tugging while running. The buds are also light and offer a secure fit while permitting outmost environmental sounds to be heard.

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The BackBeat Fit also offers some-more reserve to those sportive during night, by contemplative markings and a preference of splendid colours. An armband is enclosed that binds a headphones as a black box though when incited out to be used as a using phone hilt it offers a neon yellow casing.

Plantronics uses what it knows to also offer a built-in microphone so wearers can take and make calls with a headset on. Taking a call while using and listening to song is as easy as touching a earbud, afterwards when a call stops a song kick drops behind in.

The Plantronics BackBeat Fit offers adult to 8 hours on a assign and will come in immature and blue for £109 from April.

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