Qualcomm Broadcast Audio Helps Users to Stream Music to Numerous Bluetooth Headphones and Speakers …

Features of Qualcomm Broadcast Audio Include: Simpler set-up and pairing of inclination and device government assisting users to some-more simply conduct that inclination can join Broadcast to countless inclination within Bluetooth operation Built-in robustness, involuntary retransmission and packet-loss dissimulation Encrypted audio tide designed to assistance revoke a risk of eavesdropping “Qualcomm Technologies continue to pull […]

Sign (stealing) of a times: Fight Apple watches with bluetooth earpieces.

So Major League Baseball is tying pile visits in an bid to speed adult a gait of play in baseball. I’m a fan of speeding adult a gait of play. If we can see a same diversion in dual to 2-1/2 hours—as in days of yore and Ernie Banks; my youth—instead of 3 to 4 […]

Oticon expands preference of Opn conference aids with ConnectClip

ConnectClip [Image from Oticon] Oticon (Somerset, N.J.) recently expelled a ConnectClip device that is designed to urge a opening of a internet-connected Opn conference aids. ConnectClip is a lightweight surrogate device that, when synced with Opn conference aids, turns a conference aids into a wireless Bluetooth-enabled headset for Apple and Android devices. The device facilities a […]