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Published: Friday, 30 May 2014 21:55

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The “VoxStar Bluetooth Headset by VXi” was featured on NewsWatch as partial of a monthly Tech Report, that takes a demeanour during a latest and coolest record accessible to consumers. Andrew Tropeano, a horde of NewsWatch and record expert, conducted a product examination and common with viewers how a headset is ideal for professionals who need to make calls count, even when they are on a road.

The sleek, lightweight (0.6 oz) VoxStar employs VXi’s industry-leading sound canceling to discharge adult to 93% of communication-impairing ambient noise. Its stretchable boom—unique among lightweight Bluetooth headsets—lets users place a microphone right during their mouth, for optimal noise-canceling performance. As good as softened voice approval accuracy.

With VoxStar, users can bond to any dual Bluetooth inclination (two phones, or a phone and PC, for example) during once. They can tide song or GPS directions, and suffer a advantages of VoxStar’s wideband audio. And with over 7 hours of speak time per charge, many users will be means to use VoxStar all day though battery concerns. Install a VXi BlueParrott® app, giveaway during a Apple App Store or Google® Play, and supplement push-to-talk walkie-talkie functionality, and a content reader.

“On-the-go communication is a normal today, though high peculiarity audio from a Bluetooth headset is distant from universal,” pronounced Mike Ferguson, boss and CEO of VXi. “We’re vehement to be featured on NewsWatch TV, so that we can prominence how critical it is for a business to hear and be heard, clearly, no matter where they go.”

The VXi VoxStar package includes a headset, USB cable, a automobile charger, choice of eartips and an earhook. VoxStar is lonesome by VXi’s one-year “hassle-free” warranty. See a headset in movement at:

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