I unequivocally like a preference and features of a hands-free Bluetooth headset, however, when we wear them we can’t  get upheld a tarnish of a hands-free headset adhering out of my ear like a tiny USB ride drive.  Nevermind a ones with a bang mic  protruding down a side of my face towards my mouth. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for hands-free headsets and some work rather good and have good sound. Just check out a examination we did for a Plantronics Voyager PRO. Up until this examination for a MPOW Bluetooth 4.0 Headset we have been regulating a Voyager Pro utterly often. But we use it in a comfort and remoteness of my home. we usually can’t see myself walking around in public wearing this headset having a phone examination with its bang mic. Sure, in a beginning, we would use a Voyager PRO especially in my automobile so we could be some-more of a obliged motorist and use a hands-free headset while we was driving. 

But when we perceived a phone call while pushing we would have to see who is calling, squeeze a Voyager headset, put it on and answer a phone. Now a easiest thing to do would have been to keep a Voyager PRO on my ear while we was pushing down a highway or kept it in my ear when out in open for that matter.  Fortunately, my demur wasn’t going to concede me to be that man walking around with a Bluetooth hands-free headset looking like I’m watchful for a phone call. we especially used the Voyager PRO in my home bureau if I needed to speak with customer , friends, family all a while we continued to work in Photoshop, revise videos, examination footage, brainstorm ideas, etc. It unequivocally kept my hands giveaway when we indispensable to be on the phone.


The initial thing that held my eye about a MPOW headset was a look. we favourite how a MPOW was ragged like a stereo headphone.  The MPOW Headset has an over-the-ear demeanour and feel like my Plantronics Backbeat 906 and Jabra Sport Bluetooth headsets. Having one of these headsets on, while walking down a street, wouldn’t make me self-conscious wearing them since they usually demeanour like I’m wearing a span of stereo headphones listening to my music. Same goes with a MPOW headset. It usually looks like I’m innocently listening to song and not usually wearing a Bluetooth hands-free headset. To me, discreetly wearing a MPOW Headset is a most improved look.MPOW 11

The sound peculiarity on a MPOW is great, partly due to their modernized relate and bi-directional sound termination technology. Basically, a MPOW headset cuts out a credentials sound around we so that we hear and broach a crisper and clearer sound. we was astounded of a sound quality when we called people on my phone. we asked a chairman on a other finish of a line how we sounded with a MPOW on. Each one pronounced we sounded transparent and didn’t have an echoey or tinny  sound like yo would hear from many hands-free headsets. There were no dropouts or delays either. A good underline about a MPOW Bluetooth Headset is a ability to span dual inclination during a same time. So, if we have dual dungeon phones we can use a MPOW Headset on both phones though carrying to undo a headset from one of a phones to use on a other phone. Right now, this headset is my favorite  hands-free headset to date.

The MPOW Bluetooth 4.0 is indeed unequivocally elementary in a form with a over-the-ear design. It has a soothing jelly ear piece, and comes with additional ear pieces in opposite sizes, that make it gentle to wear for prolonged durations of time.

A good underline that this headset has is a ability for a earpiece to pivot 180° so that it can be ragged possibly on your left ear or right ear. In and with a uncomplicated pattern are dual buttons: a volume and a multi-function symbol that answers and ends calls. Plus a multi-function symbol is used to start a pairing routine and to spin on and off a headset. The MPOW is a Class 2  2.4 GHz Bluetooth 4.0  headset that can be interconnected to cel phones, tablets, iPads, PC’s, Mac’s or fundamentally anything with Bluetooth given a MPOW has a A2DP and AVRCP profile. Basically, a A2DP allows stereo audio from your listening device like your Android phone or iPhone to a MPOW Headset. And a AVRCP allows a MPOW Headset to control a PLAY, PAUSE, SKIP, FORWARD, and REVERSE on your phone.


The MPOW Headset has a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that binds around 10 hours of talk-time and 150 hours of standby time. It takes between dual and 3 hours to entirely assign a battery. Fortunately, a MPOW gives off an heard low battery warning each notation when a battery needs recharging. we can overtly contend that a battery lasted me a few days with assuage use of speak time, song personification and regulating it to watch Netflix movies.


The microphone on a MPOW is usually located underneath a cosmetic silicon gel earpiece, right during a finish of a branch and has a good pointed disguise to it. With a microphone in this plcae we was endangered about a microphone’s ability to collect adult my voice and if it would be transparent adequate to a chairman on a other end. Surprisingly, and according to people  I asked on a phone, a microphone did do an glorious pursuit of picking adult my voice though my carrying to lift my voice to hear me. Some feedback we got was that we didn’t sound like we was on a hands-free headset or that my voice sounded tinny or echo-ey. People on a other finish could hear me shrill and clear.

In further to a Low Battery Warning, a MPOW has other voice prompts to let we know when we have successfully incited it on or off, it lets we know when it has connected to your interconnected device and it will surprise we of a phone series a chairman is pursuit from.

For a cost operation of $29.99 (on Amazon) we unequivocally can’t list any cons about this headset though I’m certain there might be some facilities blank that someone would wish like a headset announcing a caller’s name, dual mics instead of one, HD audio, or carrying a charging case. Features like these can be found in some-more high-end and costly headsets like a Motorola Sliver II or Jabra Stone 3. The MPOW 4.0 might not offer a additional facilities that a some-more costly headsets add, but with a minimalist pattern a MPOW’s function is tough to beat.


The  MPOW 4.0 Headset comes with a microUSB charging cable, a automobile adapter with a USB port, 2 extras sets of silicon earbuds and a carrying pouch. we wasn’t certain if a tote was for a additional accessories or a headset itself. Either way, we use it to lift a MPOW headset given it can fit easily into a pouch. Plus, it gives me a clarity of confidence that it won’t get kick adult when we place it in my follower bag or camera bag.


So right now, this is my go to headset given we can use it for phone calls, or listen to song or watch Netflix on my phone, with no problem switching behind and onward and we like a low-profile design. In addition, we can hear what’s going on around me and it doesn’t unequivocally feel like I’m wearing a hands-free headset since it usually weighs 0.3 ounces.

Visit MPOW for some-more info.

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