LG announced reward Bluetooth stereo headset grown in partnership with Harman/Kardon – LG Tone Infinim (model series HBS-900). Offering glorious sound experience, a headset also looks flattering cold in silken lead finish.

Feature wise, it comes with captivating retractable wires we’ve seen in some progressing LG handsets, a lope symbol for quick brazen and rewind, a sound and quivering alert, and a battery that provides a longest standby time (550 hours) among behind-the-neck form Bluetooth headsets.

The LG Tone Infinim works with usually about any smartphone, yet LG says it is best to span it with their arriving G3 flagship. The LG G3 owners will advantage from a underline called Name Alert, that announces a name or phone series of a job party. Another underline disdainful to G3 users is Answer Me+, where lifting a G3 to one’s ear will automatically undo Tone Infinim to concede for approach use of a smartphone.

LG Tone Infinim will be accessible starting this summer in vital markets around a world. Additional sum of accessibility will be announced locally in a weeks ahead. Initially, it will come in china tone only.

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Dusan used to run Symbian Watch that after became partial of IntoMobile. He lives in Serbia, South-East Europe, from where he edits a site on a daily basis.

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article source ► http://www.intomobile.com/2014/05/20/lg-teamsup-harmankardon-over-premium-bluetooth-stereo-headset-lg-tone-infinim/