Audiophiles competence stay divided from wireless sound systems, yet the
market during vast positively seems to be receptive to Bluetooth audio
devices. The JBL 56BT Bluetooth wireless on-ear stereo headphones with
rechargeable battery is one of a latest Bluetooth headsets on the
market. Available now for Rs. 9,990, let’s see is a headphones are value your money.

Look and feel
The JBL 56BT is a
good looking square of kit, yet a cosmetic rope and surrounding for the
cups feels a small tacky. This is equivalent with a somewhat recessed
chrome frame in a center of a rope with a JBL trademark embossed on it.
The behind of a ear-cups has a lead veneer that looks good, while
the cups themselves are soothing and fit nicely.

JBL 56BT_2.jpg

Wearing a headset
felt unequivocally gentle – it’s an on-ear set so it does press tightly
against your head, yet a light-weight pattern means that it didn’t feel
worried when used to watch an whole movie.

The controls
are built into a left ear-cup. There’s a turn symbol in a center
which can be pulpy to answer calls, or double-tapped to reject. You
can also press above and subsequent a symbol to adjust a volume, or
double-tap to skip to a subsequent lane or rewind when personification song on
your mobile. The up/ down buttons aren’t noted on a headset though, so many people will usually realize this functionality if they review the
user manual, or incidentally event on it.

JBL 56BT_3.jpg

The bottom of a same ear-cup has a container for a wired
connection, and also a energy symbol for Bluetooth and battery
indicator. The battery indicator is not unequivocally intuitive, and reading
a primer is unequivocally imperative with this headset.

Audio performance
Bluetooth headsets we’ve attempted don’t magnitude adult to a connected ones in
terms of pristine audio peculiarity and a JBL 56BT is no exception. They sound
loud, yet somewhat muffled, and during limit volume we will notice
distortion in a reduce registers.

Bass opening was one of the
weaker points for a headset – a sound form was unequivocally higher
than is ideal. This was quite apparent when examination Star Wars
with a headset connected to a iPad on Bluetooth. Darth Vader lacked
his meaningful rumble, and sounded like an typical man instead!

Most pop
music sounded good, yet listening to Blood on a Leaves by Kanye West
also seemed to skip impact compared to what we get from some of the
other likewise labelled (but wired) headphones on a market.

JBL 56BT_4.jpg

you’re looking for a wireless headset to use in loud environments such
as a gym or a office, afterwards we competence wish a JBL 56BT anyway.
That’s since a fit of a ear-cups is unequivocally snug, and so a audio
isolation is unequivocally good. In loud environments, this gives a JBL 56BT
an corner over headsets with differently higher audio playback.

JBL 56BT is meant as a wireless headset and can bond to your mobile,
inscription or other inclination over Bluetooth. The routine is reasonably
simple – only keep a energy symbol pulpy and it becomes discoverable,
and afterwards we only name it on a other device. This is elementary enough,
yet on a laptop during slightest a headset took a unequivocally prolonged time to be
discovered. Pairing with an iPad and also an iPod Touch was a lot

These days, NFC is gaining inflection in simplifying these
kinds of operations, yet it’s still not widespread adequate that one can
fault JBL for not including a option.

JBL 56BT_5.jpg

In box your battery is
running low, or we only don’t wish to use Bluetooth, afterwards there’s also
an audio wire enclosed with a exclusive connector that goes into the
headset, and a wire has a customary 3.5mm jack on a other end.

a sound on this headset isn’t perfect, they are light and easy to
carry. They also demeanour good and have a unequivocally reasonable battery life
giving 10 hours of continual song playback. The JBL 56BT also offers
strong audio siege creation it a good choice in loud environments,
without regulating any battery removal sound canceling technology.

just underneath Rs. 10,000 though, this headset is a small too costly for
an incentive buy, and if you’re peaceful to go with a connected solution, then
brands like Grado, Sennheiser and even Sony have most improved options at
a same price. Unless wireless connectivity is something we consider is
essential, give this one a miss.

Price: Rs. 9,990

In a box
JBL J56BT Bluetooth wireless on-ear stereo headphones with rechargeable battery
USB-rechargeable cable
Accessory audio cable
Carry case
Quick start guide

Dynamic magnitude response: 20Hz-20kHz
Maximum SPL: 115dB @ 30mW
Microphone sensitivity: -42dBPa/v @ 1KHz
Supported connectivity: Bluetooth and 3.5mm wired
Battery life: 10 hours, USB rechargeable

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