Founded in 1869, Denmark-based Jabra specializes in building wireless and corded headsets for call centers and their office-based users, so a company’s newest span of earbuds is, naturally, minimalist in pattern — though that doesn’t meant it lacks energy or ingenuity. On a contrary: a Rox Wireless headphones indeed demeanour flattering damn cool.

The ‘phones, presumably built with plain steel, are still “coming soon,” according to a product’s central form page, though Jabra has them up for sale over during Apple’s online store with a $130 cost tag. In a past, we’ve reviewed Jabra’s Sport Wireless Plus Bluetooth headphones, a Solemate Bluetooth speaker, and a Solemate Max.

As demonstrated in this video put together by Jabra, a Rox have a handful of fit features: they’re Bluetooth- (4.0) and NFC/Perimeter Pairing-compatible and have an omni-directional microphone with sound filter and speakers with digital vigilance estimate and a “hifi magnitude sound” (no specifics are supposing on orator size). After entirely charging around USB, you’ll be means to speak for 5.5 hours, tide music for six, and leave it on standby for 190.

We haven’t had a possibility to exam these badboys out ourselves only yet, though sound-wise, a ‘phones are expected to move some feverishness with “full-spectrum Dolby Digital Plus.” There’s also a tiny control bar on a cord heading to a right earbud with volume, lane and phone controls. Additionally, you’ll be means to download a Jabra Sound App for smartphones to emanate and crop playlists to tide from your personal library, YouTube, and a engorgement of opposite streaming services. The app also connects to amicable media and has a striking equalizer for crafting a ideal sound.

The Rox earbuds have one power-saving magnet on any side — they undo from Bluetooth/NFC and stop streaming when we click them together like a necklace, effectively shutting them off and saving energy until you’re prepared to listen again. Just lift them detached and they automatically reconnect to their prior source and collect adult where we left off.

The malcontent in a video, after activating Jabra’s discretionary exclusive “Earwings” in any ear, locking a ‘buds into place, energetically shakes his conduct in all directions while a headphones stay put. IP52-certified and with Kevlar-reinforced cables, a Rox are stable opposite dirt and water, creation them ideal for hikers and all other outdoors-oriented customers.

Also enclosed is a carrying box and 3 opposite sizes (small, medium, large) of attachable earbud cushions.

Jabra was an Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in a headphones difficulty when it denounced a Rox during CES a few months back. Read some-more about these new headphones in a central press release.