A word like “small yet terrible” comes to mind when looking during a Jabra Stealth. While this Bluetooth headset looks tiny and frail, a audio apparatus builder promises that it can blast your eardrums only as good as incomparable and some-more repulsive ones in a market, including a possess comparison brothers.

Mono-ear Bluetooth headsets are on a arise again, in no tiny partial interjection to voice-controlled practical partner like Siri and Google Now. However, not everybody is gentle being seen with one, most reduction a incomparable two-piece stereo headset. With a name like Jabra Stealth, we know this device is meant to be inconspicuous. But as another cliche goes, looks can be deceiving.

The headset boasts of a new microPOWER battery record that allows a device to final as prolonged as other headsets while gripping a tiny and light frame, adult to 6 hours of speak time in fact. Aside from that, a Jabra Stealth has a common set of facilities you’d find in any important Bluetooth headsets these days. That includes NFC for easy pairing with NFC-enabled inclination and a dedicated symbol for job adult your elite practical personal partner and articulate to her/it by voice.

It also has a few facilities singular to Jabra products, like Noise Blackout twin microphone to serve revoke credentials noise. There is also that courtesy to ear comfort that has done Jabra’s code utterly popular. The fact that this sold Stealth headset is intensely light and tiny adds to that comfort.





The Jabra Stealth Bluetooth headset will conduct to ATT shelves starting Aug 8 and on Jabra’s online store in August. For a tiny device, though, it does swing a $99.99 cost tag.

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