Jabra, like Jawbone, used to make Bluetooth headsets behind when those were all a rage. Their recognition never extended over a ranks of utterly irritating genuine estate agents and we theory “rainmakers” in several fields, however, and so Jawbone, and after Jabra, incited their Bluetooth imagination to another task: creation speakers. Jabra’s Solemate line now has an entrance in a extra-large category, a Solemate Max, and it’s a sneaker-inspired audio appendage that’s looking to step all over a competition.


  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • NFC for easy pairing
  • Remote control and battery arrangement (iOS) on connected device
  • Speakerphone with built-in mic
  • 14 hours battery life, 400 hours standby
  • MSRP: $399.99
  • Product info page


  • Big, room-filling sound
  • Long-lasting battery with device charging


  • Heavy, large
  • Expensive


The Jabra Solemate Max looks like a Solemate and Solemate mini that came before, that means it looks kind of like a uncanny sneaker with a vast rubber tread. This is a pattern denunciation Jabra has selected to embrace, and a rubber bottom offers adult hold in further to a singular and eye-catching look.

Jabra has opted for a blue-gray, china and neon yellow tone intrigue with a Max model, that is decent looking and leans towards some-more complicated pattern tastes. It also has a advantage of creation a altogether package during slightest give off a coming of durability, interjection to a rubberized edges that seem like they can take a strike or dump or two.

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One good pattern feature: there’s a lace-like auxiliary wire stowed in a bottom of a ‘sole,’ definition connected sound is always within reach. The bad: a Solemate Max is many incomparable than even a Big Jambox, expected a closest aspirant in other regards.


For a money, a Solemate Max has to also furnish max sound, and it does; it’s able of stuffing a room, or of not removing drowned out by ambient sound when used outward during a BBQ for instance. The volume total with a long-lasting battery (more on that below) creates for a good combo in a device like this.

That said, this isn’t a orator to greatfully any fussy audiophiles. It produces bass-rich sound, and good sound given a Bluetooth connection, yet it doesn’t describe excellent audio fact as good as some competitors including Cambridge with a Minx Go unstable Bluetooth speaker.

Features like NFC pairing with Android inclination and a top-notch speakerphone built-in really make this an easier purchase, and if we need power, a Jabra is substantially your best gamble during a moment.


Speaking of power, a Solemate Max has a whole lot of a other kind. It boasts 14 hours of battery life on a full charge, and in my testing, that worked out to be about right, yet cranking adult a volume can digest that utterly a bit.

You’ll still frequency ever have to assign a Solemate Max, and it’s firm to be a good messenger for holding to a lakehouse, camping or during a beach since of a long-lasting battery and 400 hour standby time. The charging underline is also nice, yet as with many inclination in this category, it’ll usually work when plugged into a energy source.

Bottom Line

If we wish a morally rugged, still unstable yet vast Bluetooth orator that offers bells and whistles like speakerphone functions, this is substantially a tip choice out there right now. But it’s also $400, that is a vast investment to make on something like this when a smaller, reduction costly choice will substantially fit a needs of most. Still, a Jabra Solemate Max offers many some-more absolute sound than you’ll get anywhere else, so it’s value it for those looking for some-more than only a credentials soundtrack during a booze and cheese night.

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