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Jabra Launches New MOTION Office Bluetooth Headset System

ORLANDO, Fla., March 17, 2014 /PRNewswire/ Enterprise Connect Booth # 507 Jabra, a heading manufacturer of innovative audio solutions, currently announced that it will preview a new MOTION Office wireless headset during Enterprise Connect, March 17-20 in Orlando, Fl. The MOTION Office is a latest serve to Jabra’s apartment of award-winning mobile Bluetooth headsets for bureau environments. It facilities triple connectivity enabling it to answer and finish calls from landline, softphone and mobile phones. Designed around a truth that record should adjust to users not a other approach around a MOTION Office delivers a full set of discerning facilities that capacitate mobile professionals to concentration on their work.

The new Jabra MOTION Office adds a desktop advancing hire to a rarely renouned Jabra MOTION so giving it a combined advantage of joining to a landline phone as good as a softphone or mobile. The MOTION Office bottom can also offer as a village desktop advancing hire permitting other MOTION headset users to use a MOTION Office bottom while pity a workspace or prohibited desking. To serve facilitate joining with horde devices, a MOTION Office facilities Near Field Communication record creation it easy to now span with mobile phones and tablets with small some-more than a elementary touch.

“We’re good into this new age of work being tangible as ‘what we do,’ rather than ‘where we work,'” Pete Fox, ubiquitous manager, Jabra North America. “The large thought now is morality and adaptability. Complexity is no longer acceptable. We design a record to know intuitively what we wish it to do so we can concentration on a work during hand. The Jabra MOTION Office takes a large walk in this direction.”

With higher Class 1 Bluetooth protocol, a MOTION Office also gives a device adult to an strange 100 meter/300 feet operation from a horde mechanism or advancing hire distant over normal Bluetooth technology’s customary of adult to 30 feet so users can stay connected in a bureau or on a go.

“The need to seamlessly transition any given call behind and onward between a normal table phone to a mobile phone or web discussion with a singular headset seems like a no-brainer, though that functionality was not accessible until now,” pronounced Sheila McGee-Smith, attention researcher and president, McGee-Smith Analytics. “Paired with severely extended stretch support, Jabra MOTION Office offers a extensive mobility solution.”

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