If there’s a product difficulty where consumers are spoilt for choice afterwards it has to be headphones/earphones and headsets. You’re using on a parsimonious bill and don’t wish to spend some-more than Rs 1000? There are many options for you. Or looking for a high-end headphone/headset? Not a problem as there’s a engorgement of options to select from. The Jabra Elite 25e has thrown a shawl in this swarming ring to locate a imagination of audiophiles and infrequent song buffs. Since it’s a headset, a Elite 25E can be simply connected to a smartphone to play music, make and accept calls, and even give commands to Siri or Google Now. Priced during Rs 3,999, a headset does sound like an appealing proposition. But is it a good buy? Read a rest of a examination to know if it is a good buy for you:


Aesthetically, it’s a uncomplicated pattern and comes with a plastic-made neckband that can rest on your shoulders. The right side of a neckband is home to a control buttons since a left side houses a microphone and symbol to bond with practical assistants like Siri or Google Now.

If all a movement is function on a front side, a behind side – somewhat thicker than a rest of a physique — hasn’t been neglected as this is where a battery finds a resting spot. There’s also a micro-USB pier lonesome with strap that can be used for charging a device.

Since this isn’t a wireless headset, you’ll find wires during both ends of a neckband with that a earphones are connected. Overall, it’s a cosmetic physique solely a buttons that are done of a rubber-like material.

There weren’t any complaints with a pattern aspect of a headset and they were gentle to wear. Although a thing that does bug a bit is it feels heavier during a behind side of a neckband since of a battery placement. So, each time we gaunt back, there’s a good probability that a neckband could trip off your shoulders.

The earbuds of a device, on a other hand, were gentle to wear. One can spend hours listening to song and there’s positively no clarity of discomfort. In a box, you’ll find dual some-more of opposite sizes – only in box we wish to change them.

The earphones are ostensible to be IP54 certified, that means that they are dirt and dampness proof. So, we can simply take them along with yourself on your subsequent adventure.


Before we excavate into a performance, let’s get a few basis out of a way. The headset can be connected to a smatphone around Bluetooth or a Jabra Assist app. Either way, it’s a seamless routine to bond a headset. The app offers a choice of creation a earphones review out messages, amicable media alerts and calendar alerts. This also covers messages from apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The app also shows a battery turn of a headset and will give we tips to take improved caring of your device.

However, it is not required to have a app installed. Even if we have interconnected a Jabra Elite 25e to your phone around Bluetooth, it will play song and quiver whenever we get an incoming call.

The sound outlay of a headset was some-more than satisfactory. While creation or receiving calls also, there was plenty clarity and no glitches in communicating with others by a headset. Once we bond a headset, it works facilely and doesn’t get disconnected. Quite a few other Bluetooth headsets humour from this issue.

Listening to song on a headset was a provide to a ears – generally for drum lovers – as it delivers considerable sound output. There’s no exaggeration and even during high volume, a headset gives out good output. The sound termination of th device was equally considerable as it totally blocks outward sound and there was no sound leakage.

The battery of a device was another plus. Although it betrothed 18 hours of playback, for us it lasted us an whole day with complicated usage. Considering that a device gets charged quickly, a battery life is positively above reasonable level.


At Rs 3,999, Jabra Elite 25e is positively a product that hits a right notes. The sound output, sound termination and drum were really good. The battery life was also reasonable. There wasn’t any exaggeration of sound and while communicating with others, a headset delivers considerable performance. Perhaps a sound outlay could’ve been improved for song during aloft decibel levels. Having pronounced that, during this cost indicate that can frequency be too most of a complaint.

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