The iT7s2 is an in-ear sports headphone – a multiple of stretchable singular intent Bluetooth headset full with silicon in-ear buds. It offers better-than-average audio peculiarity and comfort, as good as a full underline set of audio- and communications functions. But we get what we compensate for in a headphones world, and a iT7s2 will set we behind £99.99. (See also: Best headphones of 2014.)

iT7s2 review: build quality, pattern and comfort

I’m not customarily a fan of (a) Bluetooth earphones and (b) ‘sports’ headsets. The former mostly seem unecessarily fussy with bad audio. And as to a latter I’d never formerly found a ‘sports’ headphone that was easy to wear when operative out. Often a sporting aspect seems to include of a strong inlet that copes good with sweat, and a ongoing miss of comfort from jacket around supportive ears a singular rope of plastic. Which is during slightest a sporting challenge. I’ve attempted a lot of earphones designed for a gym, and I’m gay to contend a iT7s2 is a initial that we have found gentle and practical.

The iT7s2 is flattering lightweight – iT7 claims 30.6g, and we totalled it during 32g so we won’t oppose too much. Of march there have been copiousness of lightweight sporty headsets before. Often we find that they won’t stay in my ears once a persperate starts issuing (and flying), and a wipe itself digs in or simply feels uncomfortable. To these issues a iT7s2 brings dual useful and elementary solutions. The in-ear buds are sizeable and done of organisation plastic, yet underline a vast and well-shaped silicon in-ear piece. This means that even yet they don’t fit wholly into my incomparable gentleman’s lugs, they stay in or on there nicely. Moreover, they don’t feel like they are about to dump out or tumble divided from my conduct as do many other earphones when we am exercising.

This is helped by a fact that a earbuds are sited on a finish of an in. or so of really stretchable rubber. So nonetheless a headset itself is organisation plastic, there is sufficient coherence and open to keep things sitting comfortably.

This is important, since in common with many sports headsets a iT7s2 is a one-size-fits-all deal. That isn’t as many of a problem as it can be, however. The iT7s2 wipe sits behind your conduct once a earbuds are in place. we have what can customarily be described as a large noggin’, and a comparatively tiny headbad is as gentle on a treadmill as it is when we am simply lounging about. Not perfect, yet gentle enough.

And that’s good. When we work out or go for a run we customarily have to wear over-ear headphones that get prohibited and sweaty, or use in-ear buds and wear a hat. Neither is ideal in prohibited weather. The iT7s2 is a good change of a two.

It’s also a comparatively watchful one-piece headset. The common immature iT7 branding is present, set opposite a uniform glossy black. But with a headset in place a altogether outcome is many some-more pointed than with other identical products. Of course, conform is a pivotal aspect of headphone design, so this competence be a disastrous to you. To me it’s a positive.

Behind your right ear lay 3 simply findable buttons: a volume up- and down controls, and a multifunction key. The charging hit sits behind your left ear. It’s flattering easy to change volume and answer a call. Or during slightest as easy as ever it is when regulating a Bluetooth headset. (See also: Best headphones for kids.)

iT7s2 review

iT7s2 review: features, in use

So that’s good then. And a iT7s2 headset has all a facilities we competence expect. It use Bluetooth to span with your smartphone, MP3 player, inscription or laptop. It is – as we now pattern – a flattering candid process. You press a multifunction symbol to open adult a iT7s2, and afterwards press and reason it for a while to put it into pairing mode. The LED standing light on a tip of a right earbud flickers blue and red and we can pair.

You can make and accept hands-free voice calls from any Bluetooth-enabled phone with a in-built microphone. You’re some-more expected to accept calls this way, I’d guess, and that is straightforward. We cound calls came by clearly during a end, and a callees told us they listened us shrill and clear. In a selling element for a iT7s2 it says that we can ‘make and accept HD calls’, and this is true: yet be wakeful that this will work customarily if we are job someone on a same network as you, and that network supports HD calling. The indicate is that we won’t remove peculiarity jumping from phone to iT7s2 to ear.

On/Off, Next/Previous, Volume +/- are all simply controllable while on a lope and listening to music. At slightest they were for this awkward clown. (See also: iT7x review.)

iT7s2 review: audio quality

I’m prepared to be corrected on this, yet it is my organisation trust that if we wish high-end audio, we should equivocate Bluetooth pairing full stop. The iT7s2 is not built to yield a high-end hi-fi knowledge anyway, it’s for decent audio when exercising. That’s a many we can pattern here, and a many we get.

There’s no discuss of a audio codec used here – anywhere – so we’re going to go forward and assume it is Apt-X. (We have asked a PR hit for clarification.) Again, that’s no vital criticism, yet it chimes with what we hear when we listen to a iT7s2 headset. This is by no means terrible audio. Listening to acoustic song such as The Ash Clay a sound is comfortable and simply rounded. There’s a slight miss of clarity during a tip end, and a drum can be a bit muddy, yet there is nothing of a indifference infrequently compared with poor-quality Bluetooth headphones.

Switch adult to symphonic Indie song from The Stone Roses and a outcome isn’t utterly as pleasing. Without dire a earbuds into my ears we found it formidable to collect out a opposite symphonic guitar parts, and a drum was benefaction yet being clear. Harder sounds from sources as sundry as Bruce Springsteen, Journey and The Darkness sound better. And as we competence pattern from headphones that in pattern and cost seem to ape Beats, bass-heavy dance and kick song from a likes of Mr Scruff and Chas N Status comes out transparent and punchy. In ubiquitous sounds are warmer than we competence expect, yet a some-more shade and fact we need a reduction happy we are expected to be. Overall though, we are agreeably astounded by a audio peculiarity of a iT7s2.

A integrate of other pivotal factors: a volume levels are flattering decent. When we are pulsation divided in a gym this is good, on a streets reduction so (it’s not protected not to be aware). Similarly a sound siege is decent – we won’t disquiet your associate runners, yet we also won’t hear trade creeping adult on you.

iT7s2 review: battery life

One pivotal cause in any Bluetooth headset is battery life. iT7 claims a speak time of adult to 8 hours, song playback of adult to 7 hours and a standby time of adult to 180 hours. We have been regulating a iT7s2 for adult to an hour in a gym and for half an hour or so during a commencement and finish of any day. It’s been on standby in between. We’re 4 days into a week and so distant no battery issues.

And this is regulating a iT7s2 in an assumed way. The charging wire connects to a USB port. It comprises a brief wire with a tiny shave on a end. You trip a shave over a left arm of a iT7s2 and dual hit points overlay into place. The iT7s2 is afterwards charging. We’d peril that many people will simply leave their headphones charging each day or two, and a battery life of a iT7s2 is positively good adequate to hoop that. (See also: Best headphones of 2014.)

iT7s2 review

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