These days, frequency a week goes by before someone, or something reminds me how fast DIY enlightenment has widespread given a Maker’s Bill of Rights finished a initial coming in Make Magazine about 8 years ago. So we theory we shouldn’t have been too astounded when my favorite penetrate of a week arrived during my doorstep, ragged by Chris Easton, a margin repute for a inner H2O company, who showed adult to check a yard in credentials for a few holes we was going to dig.

When one of a earbuds on your LG HBS-700 array Bluetooth
headset dies, don’t toss it, correct it! And while you’ve got it popped
open, since don’t we supplement theater-quality sound and additional battery life?
There’s a penetrate for that!

Chris incited out to be wearing a cleverly-hacked LG HBS-730 stereo Bluetooth headset. He had primarily popped detached a headset to try to correct it after one of a hardwired earbuds died. But after spending a few hours and a few bucks he’d not usually remade his ‘730, he’d incited it into a tradition audio experience. Since we also possess an on-the-collar-style HBS-700 array headset, Chris was happy to share a sum of his mods with me. He’s also pleasantly concluded to let me share them with EDN’s readers in hopes that they will inspire we to caterer adult your possess Bluetooth supply or other audio gear.

Chris came adult with a plan since of a love/hate attribute we both have with a LG HBS 700/730-series headsets. Both of us use a mobile phones as business collection and also suffer listening to song and other audio content.

Since this means we wear a headsets many of a day, we both like a comfort of an on-the-collar character headset that carries a electronics, controls and energy source on a neckband so a usually thing unresolved off your ear is a lightweight earbud. LG’s crafty pattern helps me equivocate looking like a finish dork in public, interjection to a crafty captivating shave complement that allows me to keep a ‘buds stowed orderly on any finish of neckpiece until a attention-getting quiver underline alerts me to an incoming call.  And since they’re ragged on a neck, HBS-7xx units can container a larger, heavier battery than ear-borne units, a underline that gives me many of a 15 hours of speak time (or 10 hours of audio listening time) that LG claims they deliver.

As good as they are, a LG headsets have a few problems that operation from unsatisfactory to officious painful. Since a headset’s so good to use, we had to pardon a common radio opening that boundary a headset’s useful operation to between 15 and 20 feet in many real-world conditions.  Likewise, I’d schooled to live with a intermediate audio peculiarity and medium volume levels a headset’s earbuds produce.

But a earbuds presented a bigger problem since they are hardwired into a headset, creation them formidable to reinstate if one unsuccessful or was ripped off by accident. And even if a earbuds occur to survive, a headset’s healthy lifespan is still singular by a really calculable series of assign cycles a battery can sustain.  So, though a approach to reinstate an earbud or battery, I’d have to throw a whole section and spend another $60-$100 for a new one.

Faced with a same problem, Chris did a small investigate and came adult with a sincerely candid approach to correct and ascent his headset regulating earpieces from a listen-only (no microphone) donor headset. It turns out that there are lots of headphones accessible from online retailers that have most better-sounding ear pieces than LG’s batch units. Chris has gotten good formula with a AWEI indication #  ES600M Super Bass HiFi Headphone (Neodymium drivers, Weight: 13g, Frequency Range: 12 – 20000Hz) and a JBM indication # MJ100 headset (Neodymium drivers, Frequency Range: 20Hz-20000Hz) that he systematic from eBay for underneath $7 each.

The whole deputy procession is easily documented in Chris’s entrance on When we follow a step-by-step instructions, you’ll fast learn that it’s not too tough to moment open a headset’s box though some other tools of a operation need a bit of skill. Most of a wily pieces revolve around un-soldering a aged buds and attaching new ones to a headset’s PCB. But don’t worry, even if you’re a beginner to a art of soldering, there are several glorious on-line tutorials from places like AdaFruit Labs, Mods ‘n Hacks, and Instructables that uncover we how to scrupulously hoop a tiny soldering iron.


Once you’re onside a LG 730 headset, keep your hands steady, your soldering iron’s tip clean, and  remember a Maker Motto: “If we can’t open it, we don’t possess it.”

Before attaching a new earbuds to a printed circuit board, mislay a servant magnet from any strange LG ‘bud and transplant it onto a replacement. Adding a magnet to a new earpiece enables it to shave onto a headset’s stowage point.

With a inner mods complete, and a headset’s cosmetic covers still popped off, you’ve got a ideal event to give your ‘rig a tradition paint pursuit so it looks as good as it sounds. Even something elementary such as portrayal one half of a bombard with a tone that matches your earbuds gives your headset a really slick, one-of-a-kind coming that will acquire we tons of travel cred during your inner hackerspace.


Chris is also in a routine of elucidate a battery deputy emanate we mentioned earlier. He’s found a deputy for a set’s strange 3.7V, 195 mAh, lithium polymer battery, finished by HBS. The deputy batteries (model #501240) he found on container a bit some-more assign than a strange (220mAh vs 190mAh) so his headsets should be means to broach a digital connectivity he needs while cruising a area’s H2O system, no matter how most overtime he’s putting in. The usually remaining emanate is that a new cells are 2-mm wider than a original’s measure (5×10×40-mm vs 5×12×40-mm) though he’s flattering assured that he’ll be means to shoehorn them in though most difficulty.

We’ll know some-more about how a new batteries work out in a week or dual when they arrive and Chris finds a gangling dusk to play with them. He’s betrothed to keep us posted on how things go so be certain to check behind here from time to time.

Meanwhile, have we combined any important hacks, mods or other MacGyver-esque solutions to bland problems you’d like to share with your associate DIYers? Or have we seen one somebody else has finished that deserves recognition? In possibly case, send it to me at: LEDitor (at) green-electronics (dot) com. Whenever possible, greatfully embody whatever photos, drawings, URLs, instructions, and other support you’ve got to assistance tell a story.

If your DIY story gets published here as a HackSpotter you’ll accept a acclamation of your peers as good as a medium esteem of some sort. I’m still perplexing to figure out either to give divided custom-designed HackSpotter t-shirts or some arrange of geek toy, but, whatever it is, I’ll do my best to find something that’s as singular and engaging as a stories we design you’ll be posting here.

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