I’m generally not a large fan of Bluetooth headsets. we haven’t been means to find one that meets all of my criteria for being a consistently serviceable headset. we need a headset to be gentle adequate to wear for hours during a time. we also need a headset to yield me with transparent audio, and we need it to lift my voice clearly to a chairman on a other finish of a phone. One of a biggest factors is battery life; we need a headset to yield me with some-more than 3 or 4 hours of speak time. I’ve found a headset that accommodate some of those requirements, though not all of them. It became so irritating that we swore off Bluetooth headsets completely. we use a connected headset exclusively, or during smallest we did until we got my hands on a Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset. we was skeptical, though a Mpow FreeGo headset is legit.

When we initial open a box, we find a headset itself, a USB charging adapter for your automobile and a micro USB charging wire along with 3 ear gels of opposite sizes, a good tote for storing your headset when you’re not wearing it, and a tiny instruction manual. Mpow designed this headset for people on a go, so they don’t yield a wall horse for we to use. This is a mistake, we think, though that’s usually my opinion. The automobile horse outlay is usually rated during 150mA, so you’re not going to be means to assign your phone or many of anything besides your Bluetooth headset with it.


Pairing a Mpow FreeGo Bluetooth headset to my inclination was impossibly simple. If you’ve ever interconnected a Bluetooth device to your phone before, we know what to do. If we haven’t, a supposing primer walks we by it step by step. The energy symbol on a side of a device should be pulpy for about 3 seconds to spin a headset on or off, once it’s paired. You use a same symbol to answer and finish calls, regulating usually a discerning press for these actions. If we daub a symbol twice, quickly, a headset will re-dial a final series we called.


The Mpow FreeGo headset has modernized Noise Cancellation, with both relate and bi-directional sound cancelling capability. Even while pushing down a highway, despite with a windows up, we had no issues conference a chairman on a other of my conversations and they could hear me usually excellent as well. Another good underline of a FreeGo is a ability to span with dual inclination during a same time. we lift a personal phone and a phone for work, so this underline creates it really easy to make and accept calls from possibly device. The clincher for me was a fact that we frequency feel a Mpow FreeGo headset on your ear when you’re wearing it. I’ve found good headsets in a past that we worried to wear for some-more than an hour during a time. With a FreeGo, we was means to wear a headset literally all day though it spiteful my ear in a slightest. The headset is transmutable too, so we can wear on your left or right ear, as we prefer.

I even interconnected a FreeGo headset to my mechanism and listened to music. The device supports A2DP, so song played behind though an issue. Like many Bluetooth song streaming, a audio suffers from a application that a customary uses. Music sounds tinny and lacks many low-end, though it does work. The multi-function symbol can be used to play and postponement songs during song playback, and prolonged dire a volume pivotal will skip marks retrograde or forwards.


Due to a Bluetooth 4.0 support, battery empty on my phone was minimal. The FreeGo headset is rated for 10 hours of speak time, and 150 hours of standby. My knowledge was somewhat reduction than that, though not by much. we was means to get 7-8 hours of talk/music time out of my headset. we didn’t do a exam on a stand-by time since who buys a headset to assign it and afterwards leave it sitting on their coffee table? The Mpow FreeGo Bluetooth 4.0 Headset retails for $69.99 though we can get one from Amazon for $29.99 right now. If you’re in a marketplace for a Bluetooth headset, we rarely advise we give a Mpow FreeGo a look.

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