Bluechipworld updates branding in bid for new investment

Company’s initial corporate temperament change for 5 year as trademark and website are revamped

Bluechipworld is to refurbish its branding to execute itself as more of a tellurian association – with the aim of attracting new investment “to take it to a subsequent level”.

The new branding (pictured right) is a initial corporate identity change given it was determined in July 2009.

The company’s “Bluechip: Clear. Innovative. Precision” logo will be transposed by “BCW”, with a difference “Bluechipworld Sales and Marketing Ltd” below.

Emphasis will be placed on the letter ‘W’, with a design of a globe within it to paint the company’s worldwide presence in some-more than 20 countries.


It will be shown off for a first time to a open when the company exhibits during a Hong Kong Electronics Fair from April 13-16.

Bluechipworld managing director Simon Hassell (also graphic right) said: “Since we were determined nearly five years ago, there has been a lot of change during a organisation. The identity has developed along with our growth, though has now become dated and needs a modernise to reflect the persona of a company.

“It’s undeniably critical that we take a association to a subsequent level and is therefore really critical to gain a seductiveness of investors into the business.”

Bluechipworld’s website is currently sealed while under redevelopment, with a new site going live after this month.

The home page will aim to portray Bluechipworld as a global company with a map of a world showing visitors where it sells its products as good as where they can be bought.

Its products are on sale in 23 countries, including a UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Australia and all those opposite Scandinavia.

Bluechipworld’s sell partners include Apple and Harvey Nichols on a tellurian basis, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Selfridges, Argos,, and Mobile Fun in a UK, and Carphone Warehouse, O2 and HMV in Ireland.

Its brands embody – iT7 Audio, iCandy, Silver Label, MiTEC (exclusive to Tesco), Casu and +One, with products across headphones, earphones, Bluetooth speakers, headsets, chargers, cases and device holders.

Mass interest of Silver Label and +One products

Bluechipworld is also launching dual new product brands to support for all ends of the market.

Silver Label is aimed at both a mid-tier and premium markets and will feature Bluetooth speakers, headphones and headsets, earphones, car-kits, information and syncing cables and fitness bands. The trademark will be shortened to ‘SL’ so it can fit easily onto smaller products.

The second brand, +One, will feature a identical product range but during an entry-level standard aimed during non-specialist retailers. Product packaging will be pure so customers can see a product they are buying. Retail partners, product accessibility and pricing will be announced shortly.

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