Let’s face it, if you’re in a marketplace for a gaming headset there are literally hundreds of choices. And in my personal opinion, there are unequivocally few “wrong” choices to make if we are peaceful to deposit in a pair. Some folks will frustrate during $100 or $200 span of headsets, nonetheless if we use them daily they are good value a cost we pay. We’ve been a longtime fan of Astro’s headsets on this site, reviewing countless pairs over a years. But their latest try is a bit opposite than their last, and it competence be an attention first.

The Astro A38s are being initial expelled as a beta product, mouth-watering users to yield feedback as to what will be a some-more entirely featured product when it’s indeed expelled after this year. While many companies apparently exam their products rigorously before release, it’s a singular box they entice people to indeed squeeze a beta product and afterwards directly impact a final sell device. While a beta duration is over (though a pre-production models are still accessible at the 50% discount) – we suspicion we’d give we some impressions of a device in a months we’ve been regulating them. 

The Astro A38s are a Bluetooth headset that will work with any Bluetooth enabled device like laptops, tablets, phones, consoles, and unstable gaming devices. we privately tested it with my Android Phone, PlayStation Vita, laptop and tablet. In all cases syncing a device was customarily like any other Bluetooth appendage sync – nonetheless there are some flattering neat facilities we wouldn’t expect.

For instance we use a headsets daily to listen to song during work. we also have my phone subsequent to me. If we accept a phone call a Astro A38s switched over from a stereo cans to a communications device and authorised me to hoop a call. 

In terms of peculiarity and comfort a Astro A38s are about a same distance as a Astro A30s, nonetheless a ear crater on them is a padded pillow lonesome with a mistake leather. The customarily downside to this pattern we found was that it was a tiny easier for a headset to pierce around on your head. The standout underline so distant for me is a active sound termination technology. It won’t totally retard out a outward world, nonetheless a sound of a craft or atmosphere conditioner is totally left even though any audio entrance by a cans. 

I used a Astro A38s in tiny scale bureau sourroundings and during home, so there was unequivocally tiny outward interference. While we didn’t knowledge any drops, we did have an occasional hiccup or had to do a finish resync of a device. I’m now regulating them daily for Skype-style discussion calls, music, and occasional gaming. Overall nonetheless these don’t feel during all like something I’d cruise “Pre-productions” and feel they are simply value a stream seeking price.  

Mike’s Impressions

I’ve also been regulating a A38s for a past month or so, mostly synced to my iPhone on my invert or to my work mechanism to listen to tunes. The sound termination is an comprehensive godsend when roving on swarming open movement during commuter hours – customarily this week we was means to totally equivocate listening to a contingent of drug dealers angry about how tough their life is! What’s unequivocally good is that with a sound cancellation, we can listen to a lot of things during a some-more normal volume and say audio clarity.

The sound peculiarity is a best I’ve privately listened from a bluetooth headset, nonetheless if you’re looking to blast your eardrums with overloaded bass, you’ll wish to demeanour elsewhere. we have a somewhat incomparable conduct and customarily have a bit of difficulty with on-the-ear designs, nonetheless a memory froth in a earcups keeps all sincerely comfortable. we don’t humour from headphone tired with them like we have with other identical designs in a past.

The customarily genuine downside to my span is that we can predictably miscarry a vigilance when synced to my phone – that isn’t a killer, nonetheless it does make things somewhat annoying. Other than that, I’ve had unequivocally few audio hiccups, and I’ve customarily had to resync them once in a time I’ve had them. we bought them for a ‘beta program’ cost (50% off), and it feels like a steal. With a guarantee of firmware updates to come, they’ll customarily get better.


Astro has already betrothed softened vigilance accepting and strength, louder volume, increasing clarity, and an softened microphone. There isn’t a set recover date nonetheless on a final chronicle of a headset, nonetheless when they are expelled we can be certain we’ll move we some-more impressions.


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